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Caroline Glick: It’s time to beat the Jew haters

EXCLUSIVE: New York’s Met Museum Honors Qatari Royal at Private Bash as Questions Over Qatar’s Terrorism Financing Persist

Klinghoffer Mock Playbill and Insert - Very Educational!

Klinghoffer Protest Rally at Met Opera Oct 29 at 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM In front of Lincoln Center West 64 Street and Broadway

Scenes of the crime
We saw "The Death of Klinghoffer," and it's every bit the screed critics have called it
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Sunday, October 26, 2014

Death of Klinghoffer Protest in the News: leading to and following Premier showing of "The Death of Klinghoffer" at the MET October 20th, 2014 - ISGAP in the News

On Oct. 20 there will be another protest against the Klinghoffer opera at the Metropolitan Opera. A 100 wheelchair caravan.

Coalition Against the Terrorist Opera:  

Next Klinghoffer Protest:

100 Wheel Caravan Protest to demonstrate against the Metropolitan Opera for glorifying terrorism in its Production of "The Death of Klinghoffer".  

Monday October 20th, 2014 at 6:30pm at Lincoln Center - West 65th Street and Broadway. 

AFSI (Americans for a Safe Israel)  at, phone 800-235-3658.

ZOA:  (Zionist Organization of America),,   phone: 212-564-6677

JCC Watch
Social Media Coordinator is: Jeremy Dery :  973 454 2867 

  • Klinghoffer Facebook Event: Rally against "Death of Klinghoffer" Opera!!!**IMPORTANT UPDATE**!!!! Please RSVP, attend, share, and invite all your contacts to the new "October 20th Rally against "Death of Klinghoffer" Opera! - Opening Night" event. I have a number of important updates to share with you all this afternoon and I will be posting them there. Thank you so much for your help thus far. WE need your help. RSVP, RSVP, RSVP, Share, share, share - thank you, ♥ , The Coalition
  • Klinghoffer Website: I AM LEON KLINGHOFFER.  Visit the Coalition website: Sign up to be an occupant of a wheelchair, or an assistant,or simply to be at the demonstration: As at our last rally, signs will be available for all. Everyone is encouraged to carry a sign and make this demonstration as powerful as possible.
  • The Script "Death of Klinghoffer"
  • Protest at Dante Park on Monday, October 20 in connection with The Met Opera's Opening Night Performance of the "Death of Klinghoffer"
  • Op-Ed: Don't Just Blame "Klinghoffer", Blame Yourselves.
  • Protesting, while important, is not the answer. The Jewish intellectual community can do better.
  • Leon Klinghoffer Terrorist Murder 1985: Headline "The Murder of a 69 year old disabled passenger from NYC angers America"   1:49 minutes. Start it from the beginning.  The story as reported then. U.S. Ambassador to Egypt "Leon Klinghoffer was murdered". 
  • Ronald Reagan takes action! His remarks  "What we want is justice done!" 
  •   In a flawless execution, US navy F14 fighter jets  intercept the Egyptian airliner in mid air and forces it to land on a US base in Italy. 
  • "These young Americans send a message to terrorists everywhere. the message: You can run but you can not hide!"   Italian courts convict the Palestinian hijackers but again, the Reagan Administration and the public are left dismayed when Italian Authorities grant freedom to Abu Abbas, the man believed to be the brains behind the hijackings. The Italian courts had found no direct evidence of his involvement.  
  • Leon Klinghoffer murdered by terrorists, who found relative safety in Italy. 
  • One of the hijackers, Youssef Magied Molqi, was eventually released on a 12 day pass for good behavior.  
  • On October 7, 1985, four hijackers from the Palestine Liberation Front (PLF) took control of the Achille Lauro off Egypt as it was sailing from Alexandria to Port Said, Egypt.  
  • Holding the passengers and crew hostage, they ordered the captain to sail to Tartus, Syria, and demanded the release of 50 Palestinians then in Israeli prisons, including the Lebanese prisoner Samir Kuntar. 
  • The next day, after being refused permission by the Syrian government to dock at Tartus, the hijackers singled out Klinghoffer, a Jew and US citizen, for execution, shooting him in the forehead and chest as he sat in his wheelchair.  
  • They then forced the ship's barber and a waiter to throw his body and wheelchair overboard. 
  • Marilyn Klinghoffer, who did not witness the shooting, was told by the hijackers that he had been moved to the infirmary. She only learned the truth after the hijackers left the ship at Port Said. PLO Foreign Secretary Farouq Qaddumi said that perhaps the terminally ill Marilyn Klinghoffer had killed her husband  
  • See this page here for an interesting development in 1996:
  • After being refused permission to dock at Tartus, the hijackers killed disabled Jewish-American passenger Leon Klinghoffer and then threw his body overboard.[4] The ship then headed back towards Port Said, and after two days of negotiations, the hijackers agreed to abandon the liner in exchange for safe conduct and were flown towards Tunisia aboard an Egyptian commercial airliner. This plane, however, was intercepted by US fighter aircraft and directed to land in Sicily, where the hijackers were arrested and later tried for murder.

Jeremy Dery writes: Everyone please remember the goal of this campaign- Please remember to keep the pressure on PETER GELB at the METROPOLITAN OPERA. He must understand the importance of cancelling "THE DEATH OF KLINGHOFFER" performances at the Met, especially in light of the onslaught of terrorism going on in the Middle East today. NO SYMPATHY FOR TERRORISTS!!!

Espousing incendiary anti-Semitic lies, and celebrating the "humanity of the terrorists" is totally unacceptable.

Maya Fridman writes: ATTENTION: As one of the hosts, I am inviting you to participate in stopping the production of this horrible opera, called “Death to Klinghoffer.” The storyline is Anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel, and Anti American. Most importantly the opera is legitimizing, accepting, and praising terrorism! Not only are the Jewish and Israeli communities are at risk of danger from terrorism, but right now Jihadists are threatening America’s safety also. Don’t we as Americans remember 9/11 when we lost our Twin Towers and the thousands of Americans who died from the result? Do not sit quietly and do nothing! Get into IMMEDIATE action in removing this filthy opera from performing by writing to Peter Gelb at, calling him at 212-799-3100 ext. 2891, or loudly protesting on the Opening Day of September 22nd, 2014 from 5 pm to 7 pm at the NYC Metropolitan Opera. Let’s show the haters that we won’t be silent and always will prevail! Am Israel Chai ♥


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