Wednesday, September 10, 2014

CHAZAQ's Second Annual Dinner is Getting Closer. Monday September 15th in Queens, . Plus view the NEW Online Chazaq Magazine


Dear Friends, amv"sh

Chazaq asked me to forward you this information about their upcoming Dinner.  I hope it is still not to late to make reservations and/or place an ad. They do impressive, amazing work as you can see below, and have always been supportive and most enthusiastic about supporting pro Eretz Yisroel projects as well! 

It is with Hakoras Hatov, deep appreciation, for all that they do, and for all their support and chizuk for organizations and events that are close to my heart.  I am sending this on to my friends hoping that you will be introduced to and/or support this wonderful organization!  Also, just check out their programming especially if you live in Queens.... but even if you don't, they have amazing programming that is global, a web site, a radio program, teleconferencing, inspiring weekends, weekly Parsha paper and online Chazaq Magazine 92 pages long!   If you flip through this online Magazine you will find that other Jewish Magazines advertise with them.  Surely that is a reflection of their open and generous spirit who is not only interested in their own growth but the growth of our collective society . Advertise with them.   They are based in Queens but have global reach.  Their programs and projects that have been growing by leaps and bounds since its inception in 2006 is nothing short of fantastic bli ayin hara! May they go from Chayil to Chayil

Sincerely,  Robin Ticker
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Subject: CHAZAQ's Second Annual Dinner is Getting Closer... Plus view the NEW Chazaq Magazine






View our 36th edition of the CHAZAQ Magazine which features many inspiring columns and articles by our contributing writers!


Special Thanks to the Dozens of Advertisers who support CHAZAQ by promoting their businesses with us! 


Please make sure to patronize our advertisers!


Out next edition is scheduled to come out at the end of September for Yom Kippur and Sukkot!


Click here or on the image above to view the entire magazine online!


To advertise in the upcoming editions call 718-285-9132



FINAL Deadline for the Dinner Journal is THIS Monday!


As our annual dinner is about one week away, please take this opportunity to help CHAZAQ continue our many different projects inspiring thousands of people, either by attending or by placing an ad in the dinner journal.


The journal is an excellent opportunity to honor one or more of the Honorees whose dedication to the community is endless or to honor one of our devoted members of CHAZAQ for their unceasing support or in memory of your loved ones.


Once again please try your very best to come and bring your friends to the dinner, which will be held Monday evening September 15th we BH expect it to be a night that you will remember for many years to come!


We look forward to greeting you personally.


Have you made your reservations yet???


CLICK HERE for our Online Site to Make Reservations




This Saturday Night 


Inspiration for Rosh Hashana 




Weekly Women's Class 




This Wednesday Night! Rav Zamir Cohen live!











Advertising Blasts!


Promote your Event / Business to THOUSANDS of our Subscribers call 718-285-9132 or email us at 


(Emails will be on the bottom of our weekly email, not seperate)



This Week's Advertising Blasts!

















Reach THOUSANDS of people with CHAZAQ


Promote your Business/Service with us though our Magazine, Website, Calendar, Publications, Emails, Big Events, etc...


Ask about our Package Specials.


Call Yaniv at 917-617-3636 to make this happen!














CLICK on the image to view!







Issue # 36





Issue # 35






Daily Mincha Minyan 

at the New CHAZAQ Office

141-24 Jewel Ave.

Flushing, NY 11367

Sundays - Thursdays

at 4:00PM Sharp




Online verison of the CHAZAQ Magazine

Issue # 34








For now CHAZAQ Radio will be playing Music for most of the time and we are in the works of developing exciting shows and programming… So Stay Tuned!




Click Here

for Some Pictures from 


Special Thank you to the OVER 1000 PEOPLE 

who atteneded and showed support to CHAZAQ!







Photos from the 







Photos from our Dinner







Magazine # 32














Photos from





















Send us some Feedback!


Simply email us at 


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