Monday, September 15, 2014

Letter to Influential Funders of the Metropolitan Opera re: Klinghoffer Opera re: Death of Klinghoffer


Dear Members of the Board, Musicians, Philanthropists and Lovers of the Arts:

This letter is being sent you because it is on the record that you are a very influential person in funding the arts.  

The Death (or rather Execution) of Klinghoffer was perpetrated by a Palestinian whose ideology runs parallel to Nazi Germany.

Here is another opera in bad taste. 

For your recall, let me remind you of Holocaust Music  " in 1933-1934 the guards at Dachau played Richard Wagner's music in order to 're-educate' political opponents. 

At Buchenwald, established in 1937, loudspeakers broadcast nightly concerts from German radio, depriving prisoners of sleep.  Additionally, march music was played to drown out the sounds of executions."

Distinguished Members of the Board of Met Opera, Lincoln Center, Annenberg Foundation, Lerman-Neubauer Foundation etc: 

Sirs or Madams: Rosen, Vorce, Kovner, Annenberg Foundation, Nechmad, Luisi, Rosenthal, Moss, Levine, Lerman-Neubauer, Bernstein, Farley, Kennedy, Parker, Bon, Duffin, Parker, Gelb, Sisto, Podell, Findelpearl:

Will you be remembered for allowing "The Death of Klinghoffer" to go on.... or will you be on record for opposing and stopping this show and making sure that terrorism and evil and genocide is not portrayed in a human and positive light at the Met.  

Shouldn't Opera and music be for the purpose of making the world a better society? Being that you have the power to influence the Met, please use your influence to make the world a better place rather than a more dangerous one by siding with evildoers and terrorists. 

Stop this Opera by opposing it and by withholding funding to the Met as long as they are defiant in allowing this Opera to open on schedule empowering evil under the disguise of culture, art and entertainment. 

Thank you for listening.


Robin Ticker
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