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Monday November 3, 2014. 20th RCRF Commemoration of the Yarhzeit of Rachel Imeinu

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Monday,November 3 2014, Yud Aleph MarCheshvan 5775. 20th RCRF Commemoration of the Yahrzeit of Rachel Imeinu, 

RCRF invites you to our 20th Annual Commemoration of the Yarhzeit of Rachel Imeinu. The gematria of 20 is yud yud. It is Hashem and His Torah that are the roadmap for the geula. Rabbi Moshe Snow is our Keynote Speaker. He will speak on "Harmony" Ingredient  for the Final Geula" The Rachel Imeinu Actualist Awardee is Yifa Segal of Tazpit News Agency that is taking reporters to observe the true media ignored reality. Rachel Imeinu Young Leadership Awardees is Sgt David Haies, a Lone Soldier whose commitment to protecting his fellow Jews is remarkable. Reuven Guttman will receive The Breaking the Silence Award. He joined tours in Bethlehem under cover and documented the real story. Jacob Strauss,"Flakey Jake" will be presented with the Rachel Imeinu Community Chessed Award.  He events introduce singles to find their bashert to bring  simcha to Ima Rachel fulfilling the prophecy that our people shall multiply. Rachel Imeinu Activist Awardee Robert Muchnick is a representative of Manigut Yehudit. Charlotte Wahle a'h the volunteer par excellence will be recognized for her lifetime of caring and giving. We will also recognize the kidnapped boys, all victims of Oslo terrorists and our loved ones lost serving the IDF. They will be part of the Rachel Tear to be built in our RCRF Bibli


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