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Fwd: G-d's Incredible Miracles. Our T'HILIM vs. their TILIM by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva


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Our T'HILIM vs. their TILIM by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

It is just amazing how the weekly Parsha and Haftara refer to Current Events. In Parshat Matot, Moshe orders the IDF to mobilize 12,000 soldiers for the war against Midyan.  That very same week, the IDF mobilized 12,000 soldiers for the war against Hamas. 

Since the ground operation in Gaza another 60,000 reservists have been called up. Rashi in Bamidbar 31:3, states that all soldiers in the IDF are Tzadikim. We have lost over 60 of our precious and holy soldiers in the process of destroying Hamas's murderous tunnels. There is an incredible verse in T'hilim ,74:20, "(G-d), look to the covenant - for the Earth's tunnels are filled with HAMAS." According to Kabbala, the graves of these fallen IDF soldiers are their direct tunnels to G-d's Loving Embrace for Eternity.

 In the Haftara of Parshat Matot, Yirmiyahu (Ch.1), G-d asks the prophet, "What do you see?", and he answered, "I see a BOILING POT." On that very Friday night before this Haftara was read, over 15 Hamas supporters from Silwan (the City of David) stormed into the Diaspora Yeshiva's dining room on Mount Zion. The Arabs attacked the Yeshiva students inside the dining room with rocks and cinderblocks. The students began to fight back, throwing chairs at the Arab attackers and hurled a BOILING POT of hot water and even threw the BOILING POT of Cholent at the Arab assailants. After the BOILING POT of Cholent was thrown, the Hamas supporters ran away. What a great miracle took place at Diaspora Yeshiva on the very Shabbat of this Haftara! The Haftara continues, Yirmiyahu 1:18, "Today I (G-d) have made you a fortified city and an IRON PILLAR [IRON DOME] … to stand against the entire land … they will fight you, but they won't be able to defeat you, for I am with you to rescue you, says G-d." 




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