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A Concert and a Kinus Tefillah for Israel. Wednesday August 6th Brooklyn Unites for Israel 6-8pm and Agudath Kinus Tefillah on Wednesday 6:30pm


Dear Friends and Lovers of Eretz Yisroel, amv"sh

There is a concert and Kinus Tefilla unfortunately scheduled the same time this coming Wednesday night in Brooklyn. The Concert will reflect the spirit of the Nation United for Israel.  Hopefully the singers and the crowd will be acknowledging the open miracles Hashem has been performing for Am Yisroel.  Am Yisroel Chai, Od Avinu CHai, Acheinu Beis Yisroel..., Vehaikar Lo Lefached Klal, Mitzvah Gedolah Lihiyaot BeSimcha.  We have reason to be happy becasue Hashem is with us every single minute by our side, watching us!!!  The Tefillin reminds of the great Miracles of Egypt and the Exodus when G-d performed miracles for His people openly as He has been doing for Israel now and in the past.  Miracles of the formation of the State of Israel out of the ashes of the Holocaust after 2000 years of living in the Diaspora we can now go to Eretz Yisroel, of the 1967 War where we have reclaimed Yerushalyim, Yehuda and Shomron and all the Mekomos HaKedoshim, of the growth of a beautiful country which is our pride and joy. Operation Protective Shield foiled a Rosh Hashana Massacre and that alone is reason to celebrate not to mention the almost 3,000 rocket falling over Israel with barely any casualties.  Each and every miracle where there is no casualty is reason to celebrate.  Each time a rocket hits their own targets aimed at Israel is a reason to celebrate.  True over 60 of our best soldiers have fallen and we must be introspective how come our Tefillot have failed to protect these soldiers.  Surely Israel's reluctance to hit civilian human shields and its willingness to  buckle under international pressure to accept "humanitarian cease fires" even when they are only under false pretenses has contributed to Israel's losses.Hashem Yerachem...

Here is a rough translation of the The Tefila Kinus flier which  is more fitting for a Tisha Baav program.  It emphasizes the terrible situation in Eretz Yisroel where blood is being spilt like water by our enemies who want to  kill and destroy the vineyard of G-d's House, May G-d have mercy on us.  They are calling upon the entire community in shuls and in study halls to increase their prayers and supplications in this hour of distress.  They call upon all not to go out and enjoy going on vacation but rather to participate in the pain of our brethren and to increase Repentance, Prayer and Charity which will nullify the evil decrees. The purpose is to cry out to Hashem to save Hashem's nation and to protect the Chayalim who are risking their lives. Mincha is 6:30 sharp in "The Palace" 780 McDonald Ave. corner Ditmas and there will be a special ladies section.  G-d should protect One Nation, watch over the remnant of One Nation, Who Unites under Your Name Hashem is Our G-d Hashem is One.  

My comments:

I wish both events would merge into One as a display of true Unity!!!!!!

From ZOA Brooklyn

Come and join us for our concert/rally in support of Israel Wed 8/6/2014 @ 6:00pm - 8:00pm


Dear Friends of IDF, World supporters of Israel, and Brooklyn residents,
Come and join us for our concert/rally in support of Israel! Performances will be featuring Benny Elbaz, Gershon Veroba, Sandy Shmueli and others. 
Israel is on the front lines in the global fight against terror but has never felt so alone in the Western world. Please be there with the people who are standing up for what is right. 
When: Wed 8/6/2014 @ 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Where: Asser Levy Park in Brooklyn, NY 11224

Please help us spread the word by posting our event to your facebook/main webpage and distributing our flyer to your contacts.
Here is a link to our event page:
Rubin Margules
ZOA of Brooklyn Region
Tel: 718-339-8483



Agudath Israel of America | 42 Broadway 14th floor | New York | NY | 10004


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