Monday, August 04, 2014

Operation Protective Edge: Eli from Brighton Beaches suggestions as to how to fight the war with Hamas


Today in the Brighton Beach Rally in Brooklyn, NY in  Solidarity  with Israel , a Russian man by the name of Eli saw our ZOA sign that read " Hebron is the first Capitol of the Jewish People".  He started to talk to us and told me that he thinks about Israel 24 hours a day and has some ideas about how to fight the war with Hamas.  I saw his sincerity and decided to pay attention.  Here are his suggestions:  Sometimes a simple solution is quite ingenious!

Eli's suggestions:

  • Throw pigs legs all over Gaza (It will make them want to run away)
  • Flood the bunkers and tunnels with water or gas.  (Either somehow connect them to the Mediterranean or with hoses)
  • Draw a parallel line all along the Gaza  border with Israel. Every 100 feet dig deep down to the depth they build their tunnels.  Connect each point with cables.  (basically dig a tunnel parallel to the border) Then destroy your tunnel and you will destroy their ability to cross over the border into Israel!
  • To find if your settlement is being infiltrated with a Hamas tunnel, have some kids try to find the exit points of the tunnel by taking a stick and banging on the ground all around your settlement.  If there is a tunnel dug underneath, the sound of the banging of the stick will differ in ground that does not have a tunnel buried underneath with ground that does have a tunnel buried underneath.
  • His suggestions about what to do when Civilians on the roofs of building are shielding rockets deep in bunkers.  Send leaflets, then throw a weak rocket to the roof, then continue to attack using progressively stronger and stronger rockets so that the people get the idea that you mean business and leave until you completely complete the mission and destroy the rockets hidden in the bunkers deep down. 
  • Israel must destroy 
    • the tunnels, 
    • bunkers that store the weapons,
    • destroy the weapons
  • He suggests an international team of friends of Israel like Canada and Australia to help monitor Hamas in Gaza
  • He also suggests drones circling Gaza with cameras and guns that can monitor all suspicious activity with the capability of attacking when necessary.

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