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Our Enemies Tactics - Divide and Conquer - Jew against Jew


Our Enemies Tactics.  Observations by Robin Ticker

Our enemies tactics in this psychological war against Israel is to encourage "Divide and Conquer" approach.  Our enemies will try to force the Government of Israel's hand using bullying, arm twisting, blackmail or bribery to achieve their objectives. The government of Israel is desperate for positive world opinion and in order to find favor within the International community they see no recourse other than to work against itself by dividing the people, the Nation of Israel. 

The Government of Israel has great difficulty tolerating condemnation. Everyone wants to be liked.  Only condemning our own brings some relief.  When the Nation of Israel is united this cannot happen and our enemies are unsuccessful!   

Victory for Israel's enemy is to divide its people. The almost fail proof successful method of condemning our own and getting away with it,  is to first offer a succulent bone to powerful organizations or Jewish leaders and blind them to the bigger picture. It is a game every fundraiser knows about.  If you don't play the game you are a persona non grata and basically unable to raise the necessary funds for your important projects.   "It's unfortunate, a necessary evil and a fact of life" the organizations rationalize to themselves.  Be practical. Otherwise you will be penniless. 

Now once this happens, the beleaguered gov't of Israel or Israel's enemy, can in turn condemn a segment of the population thereby marginalizing them. Those blinded only can see their own benefits which they can lose if they speak negatively about their benefactor.  The ones who are picked on are usually, those who speak for our Biblical rights and exhibit unbending faith in the Almighty G-d. This population are not easily bought nor are they easily frightened. They are the ones our enemies fear most and target. 

Typically, a cease fire and a willingness to negotiate with Fatah or Hamas or alternatively the destruction of a hilltop home or arrest of some phony price tag vandalizing hilltop teen  generates a short term reprieve from international condemnation and even generates some positive feedback as per Israel's willingness to "work and sacrifice towards peace" albeit by empowering our enemies who wish to destroy us. 

Still our people are not so stupid.  Surely they will see through this. From our enemies perspective, if buying silence will cause the masses to lose respect for the organization and by extension their influence, our enemies will alternatively encourage activism that distracts and leads to nowhere.  

The goal is to prevent Israel from effectively uniting in defending its entitlement to live and settle the Land and to defend itself.   

Of course I am not suggesting  personal bribes are being offered to individuals for personal gain, or arm twisting which is a last resort and distasteful, but something much more subtle.  The bait for example might be a permit to build new apt buildings in East Jerusalem to silence Beit Orot for example from speaking strongly with their brothers in the Shomron Council against destruction of hilltops homes in the Shomron.  Or perhaps offering desperately needed funding for Hebron Community so that they are afraid to lose the funding and they in turn refrain from uniting with their brothers in the Shomron in face of unjust demonization.  

Or the bait may be to receive substantial gov't support of Har HaZeisim security projects so long as they don't speak out about the general security dangers in Judea and Samaria and publicize the Palestinian rock throwing there. 

Then there was the organization that was Silent when their brothers were expelled from Gush Katif and honored the man that bankrolled the whole operation. 

Organizations might generously contribute money to build bomb proof playgrounds in Sderot in order to be honored and gain  good press... but at the same time stop and/or  prevent Jewish settlement by allowing Arabs to squat on Jewish Land illegally paid for by Jewish contributors.  Or the bait might have been that in order to keep their political positions in tact they promote the Two State Solution and  discourage any protest and dissension against the Gov't of Israel, basically the majority of American Jewry,  as they expelled 8,500 Jews from their homes in Gush Katif!  However, In order to regain good will, they will then raise funds and are honored by Meir Panim soup kitchens who provide nourishing meals to the poor families evicted from their homes.  Again not to rock the apple cart, many religious Jewish Institutions received stipends for their schools which basically bought silence in their communities when Gush Katif  was bulldozed and the residents expelled.   True an institution from this community did a good job to raise money for psychological counseling. They are to be commended.

Yes,unfortunately these worthy causes after the fact are necessary but "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". 

The enemy understands that if the energies of the people are directed to being on the defensive and Hasbara (basically defensive PR) rather than yelling the Truth real time and being on the offensive against Hamas and their lies and distortions, they can still operate. Rockets can still be launched.  They know that when we are not united we are weak.  

Their goals are to divide us and to keep us Silent and when we do respond it should be ineffective.

No you are different than them they will tell you. You are moderate and a voice of reason.  They (extremist settlers) don't want peace and you do.   You deserve our support and they our condemnation. Distance yourself from them (extremists) or anyone who speaks about our Biblical truth. They are Messianic radicals and are extremely dangerous! Some might even compare them to Nazi's.
Israel's enemies is really out to attack G-d and G-d's word.   Anti - Semitism (Anti Shem). To take G-d's Name and make it null.  Once there is a void as per who has entitlement to the Land, they can come in and fill that void with falsehoods.  

Jimmy Carter's new book for example. Israel is the Occupier.  It is Palestinian Land etc.  Carter is presently conducting interviews promoted on CNN etc these lies and untruths are being watched all over the world with probably hundreds of thousands of viewers..  

Obama, Carter, NIF all are engaged in Hamas media War against Israel.  When we are Silent, we empower them.  Hamas in Parashat Noach is about how each individual just stole a little bit.  Collectively they took it all.  The silence of each Jewish Leader, be it Agudath Israel, Young Israel, JCRC, Federation, Chabad International against our enemies adds up. This in turn has allowed our entire people and Land being discredited and G-d's name being nullified.. 

Empowering evil by Silence is very dangerous and we are now paying the price unless we start Yelling!. 
 It's time to finally admit we made a tragic mistake by being Silent and and rectifying it.  Please read When Silence is a Sin.


Robin Ticker
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