Thursday, September 19, 2019

Sunday Noon, September 22, 2019 Fight AntiSemitism Protest at City Hall Park - Broadway and Chambers Street, NYC


Fighting Antisemitism. A Letter to Dov Hikind (updated)


Robin Ticker

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Mr. Cohen said...

If you really want to know the details
about Muslims around the world committing
violence against their non-Muslim neighbors,
then please go to:

Articles on Jihad Watch right now include:

[1] Muslim scouted landmark sites in Boston,
NYC, and DC including Fenway Park and
Statue of Liberty for jihad massacres

[2] 61% of “Palestinians” approve
of jihad murder of Israeli teen

[3] UK: Grand Mufti of Bosnia and
Herzegovina gives Qur’an reading
in Westminster Abbey

[4] Women’s March Replaces Anti-Semites
with Another Anti-Semite

[5] That Was Quick: Women’s March Drops
Anti-Semite It Brought in to
Replace Its Other Anti-Semites

[6] Afghanistan: Taliban target election
rally, murder 50 in jihad bombings,
warn people not to vote or face death

[7] “Anti-Muslim” Event at Michigan Church
Cancelled Quite Unnecessarily

[8] Bangladesh: Muslim mob vandalizes Ahmadi
mosque, cops say mob is too large to oppose

[9] Smuggler claims he will get Islamic
State jihadis into Europe for $8,000

[10] Glazov Gang: Revealed –
Obama’s Betrayal of SEAL Team Six

[11] Muslim Mayor of Prospect Park, N.J.,
Enraged at Being Questioned by
Border Agents on Return from Turkey

[12] Why We Are Bogged Down in Afghanistan

[13] Miami: Muslim American Airlines
mechanic who sabotaged plane had ISIS videos,
spoke of wanting to harm non-Muslims

[14] India: Jammu and Kashmir official says
religion terrorists follow is “definitely not Islam”

[15] Germany: ISIS bride arrested after photo
of cake celebrating 9/11 found on her lost phone

Robin Ticker said...


Jihad WAtch is an excellent source. Wish we didn't need them.