Thursday, August 03, 2017

Kushner concedes ‘there may be no solution’ to Israel-Palestinian conflict


Kushner concedes 'there may be no solution' to Israel-Palestinian conflict (let me qualify "persisting in the present peace negotiations". So let's cut our losses and rethink strategy  RT) My comments, basically the 2 State Solution is not a Solution.  Let us consider Jewish Sovereignty over all of Israel which is the only viable Solution. 

Arabs who accept Israel Sovereignty and the 7 Noahide Laws should be eligible toward receiving health benefits, an education and help in finding work. 

Jewish Sovereignty over Temple Mount and Judea and Samaria will bring Peace and Prosperity to the entire world as promised in the Torah! That is the only possible solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.  There can only be one Nation in charge whose law will apply to all so long as it is enforced.  By this we mean the Torah and not the Quran!  Both religions agree that Temple Mount can not have shared control.  Under the Waqf the Jews are forbidden to pray! Under Judaism they are but it enrages them. 

Hamas and Fatah see the void, the Chillul Hashem, when Israel fails to assert Sovereignty and this opens the gate to identity theft and name calling. (Jews become the "unlawful Occupiers"). It breeds contempt, discontent and violence as they refuse to be under Israel's control. Islam believes that the infidels (non Muslim)  must be submissive to Allah (Sharia and Islam). 

Monday, July 31, 2017
In America, We Don't Worship Government. We Worship G-d! Donald Trump...Israel must be Sovereign over Temple Mount (general consensus)
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