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Why Donald Trump Was Elected President by John Hagee Ministries. "Trump Blessed Israel". Watch Snippets of Trump's Speech at AIPAC that Hagee claims influenced 3.3 million people. My comments...


 Why was Trump elected? Watch John Hagee Ministries,

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So Powerful! Wow! 

According to this article in TimesofIsrael, Trump said that his son-in-law, Jared Kushner,  and friends from Israel' helped write the AIPAC speech 

Amazing to know that this speech influenced 3.3 million Christians says Hagee....

My Comments:

Jared Kushner is an Orthodox Jew  and he and his friends are not Leaders of Major Jewish Organizations.  They were not concerned with being politically correct or worried about losing 501 Tax Exempt status when they wrote this speech. They were not apologetic. It was just about speaking the Truth about Israel.  

Trump speech was true to the Bible and this resonated with the Evangelical's.

The next time Rabbinic Leaders and Jewish Leaders refrain from speaking Torah due to political considerations they should reflect as per why 75% of the Evangelical's voted for Trump and a Pro Israel platform and  why only 25% of Jews did.  The Torah message was broadcast and succeeded in entering the hearts of the Evangelicals.  Apparently this was not the case with the majority of the Jewish vote who either received a non message or a pro Hillary endorsement and  for the most part have chosen a lifestyle that rejected Torah.

From this we can learn that Jewish leaders should not be overly concerned with how their words will be received by the outside world or if at all.  Their only concern must be the Truth of Torah and surely that is enough to spread the word and influence it. 

Torah and Truth is the way to Heaven, and sitting by idly when the Jews of Judea and Samaria are being targeted for expulsion from their homes,  is the path to Hell. 

Torah and Fear of G-d is all that matters. 

Trump's victory tempered the hostile anti Israel UN Resolution.  It tempered the Paris conference whose end goal was to annihilate the Jewish State and marginalize the Jewish people.  

Trump Was the Elephant in the Room at the Paris Peace ConferenceFear of what the president-elect's inauguration will bring was evident in many of the foreign ministers’ speeches; the question that hovered in the air was whether this would be the last peace conference for the next four more:
As the Haaretz article points out,  those pro Judea and Samaria should not prematurely rest on their laurels just because Trump won. It might be premature...

It is safe to say that it is very scary to think what Jews and the entire world would be like today had Hillary won.
We were potentially saved from almost certain disaster of tragic proportions...

Do we dare look in the mirror and admit that there was a miraculous hand in G-d now that Trump was chosen... or do we continue to coast along as if it was no big deal. 

Will we as a people be deserving of further such miracles?

Here is a great lesson about the road to Heaven being paved with the path to Hell.  May G-d help us make the right choices when we are tested.

And here is another story that illustrates how rejecting who we are as Jews,  eventually leads us back home but in the most painful of ways imaginable..

How the Admor Stopped an Intermarriage 
"My wife turned me in to the Gestapo and told them I'm Jewish. As far as she was concerned, they could kill me and then she would get all my property", said the intermarried Jew.


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