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-Shalom  my friend,
I am very happy to hear from you and thank you for your comments.

The very serious question is indeed what is "moral"?
It is very difficult for us humans to always know the answer in ever situation.

To King Saul, it seemed the moral thing to do to spare the life of the enemy king of Amalek.
Samuel had to do the job and kill the unarmed non threatening, pleading  enemy.
King Ahab in his mercy, spared the king of Aram.

Both acts of "morality" cost us heavily.

How do we know they were wrong?
Not just because of the consequences but because before the action, or non action, our Torah has instructed us what do do in these instances.

The Rambam clearly states that there are no innocent civilians in a war waged by a people against us.

I just heard a report about  "Palestinian"  social media response to the latest truck murders.
Party time and worse. You don't want  to hear what was so widely shared.
They know that they are at war with us and act accordingly, and according to their rules not ours.. For them it is not a "situation" as our leaders often soothingly  describe the period (a very long one indeed).
 We still do not get it.

Indeed the Torah is not the Geneva convention nor is it democracy.
We may not allow even one Jew to be harmed in the name of any of these.

I would suggest that if we look at  our history, it is in times when we felt that we know better than God and His Torah that we got into big trouble as a Nation.

The theological argument may not impress  all people.

I would then say very simply, we must do what ever we can to protect our people, that includes my cousin who was butchered by Arabs who lived among us  and enjoyed our generous hospitality and tolerance. They actually  lived just down the road from where I live. I hear the cry of the muezzin at 4:30 every morning;"Allah hu Akbar!" God is great!

They indeed listen to their god.

I take no comfort, nor does his widow and six small children in the fact that  we follow a "higher morality" despite the non  morality of our murderers and of  their supporters. I do not feel superior, just more vulnerable.

If we are really serious about being safe in our land we have to do what ever it takes with in the bounds of Torah, the source of our people and its survival We must not be slave to man made ever changing, largely ignored set of  morality deciders.

If the killers don't mind being killed them selves, they may care that  their family will suffer. Their families do hate us but cling to us, their best choice for a good life in the Mid East, and dread being expelled to an Arab land. Send them out.

If the killers are  terrified of  being buried in a pig skin and thus not be allowed to meet their 70 virgins.. lets raise lots of pigs.

What ever it takes to protect my children and grand children from being orphans God forbid.

This is our only responsibility.
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