Monday, January 30, 2017

Breaking the Silence Expose ‘Corruption’: Hebron Jews Ply Soldiers with Shabbat Meals, Pizza | JNi.Media | Monday, January 30, 2017 |


How easy to twist good to evil and evil to good. 

One who is merciful to the Cruel will become cruel to the Merciful.  How else can we explain the cruel judgement against over 40 Jewish Families with over 200 kids. Surely if we investigate, those responsible for this blatant violation of human tight and horrific trauma to law abiding religious Jews will find a trail of those pushing this agenda of having been merciful to Terrorists in the past!

Do they want to reap the fruits of their efforts by being on the receiving end of the terrorists they tried to defend and protect or will they rely on the Terrorist Hakoras Hatov, gratitude towards them? They shouldn't hold their breath or beg for mercy since nothing will help....

Yesh Din VeYesh Dayan...may G-d save us from the Day of Judgement as it is only based on Truth.
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