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Renanah Gemeiner, Student of Rabbi Weissmandl, Finds Parallels between ISIS aggression against Yezidis and the Paris Terrorist Conference against Israel's "Occupation" and DOES SOMETHING!


The Jihadists against Yezidi's and against Israel have the same agenda!  The goal of radical Islam is Jihad of non-Muslims and the annihilation of Jews and Israel. People of faith believe that the  nations of the world are blessed through Israel so it makes sense that Jihad includes the destruction of Jews and Israel whom by their service to The One and Only G-d protects the world. 

It is absolutely mind boggling that the oppressed Yezidi population are still in harms way in spite of undeniable documentation of mass genocide and sexual enslavement of the Yezidi people. 

 It is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are the victims and not the aggressors. 

Yet, how many Yezidis received refugee status in USA? How many in Canada? 10? Outrageous....

Here is some statistics as per the USA.  Syrian Muslims, the aggressors, clearly have priority. 

How is it that Yezidi's are still in HARMS WAY, 2 and a half years later after reports of the 2014 Yezidi genocide came to light?

Mike Huckabee in his recent trip to Israel recounted his trip to Yad Veshem with his then 11 year old daughter Sara.  He was curious as per whether Sara understood the magnitude and the message at Yad Veshem. 

At the Visiters book signing, it was clear that she did.  Sara, then 11 wrote "WHY DIDN'T ANYONE DO SOMETHING?" 

I think President Elect Donald Trump gets it as well.  THE SNAKE - Narrated by Donald J Trump

I was truly shocked to receive this email from Renanah,  fwding an email she received, dated December 27,2016 from Mirza Ismail, spokesperson of the Yezidi's

From: Mirza Ismail <
Date: December 27, 2016 at 10:12:23 PM EST 
Subject: Current Yezidis Situation in Mount Sinjar/Shingal  (see  email at the end of this post)

Renanah,  who has been in the forefront doing everything she can to help the Yezidi's is following in the footsteps of Rabbi Weissmandl who tried his very best to fight the Nazi's from actualizing their evil,  He was partly successful and till the very end grieved that he was unable to save more lives. 

Jews empathize with the Yezidis and understand and appreciate their despair.

... And it is up to each and every one of us to do what we can!  

Pamela Geller recently exposed the horrible reality of many migrants with false passports, often terrorists, entering the USA as a "humanitarian" effort to help these migrants.  SHOCKING AFDI UNDERCOVER VIDEO: US Immigration Office Fake Syrian Passports OK 

Germany, France and England and the rest of Europe have been engaging in this "humanitarian relief" effort only to find themselves being "repaid" for being merciful to the cruel, now victims of a rape epidemic due to the rise of a Muslim population who are loyal to Mohammad and his teachings.  Yes, President Elect Donald Trump gets it in the Snake narrative link above. 

Why are the Yezidi's who are desperate for humanitarian need, clearly the victims, denied? 

When it comes to Israel the true intent, Jihad,  is couched in politically correct deceit.  The Snake.  The goal of the Paris Conference is to eventually annihilate Israel.  The Big Bad Wolf, the Snake, representing the International community,  masquerades as Grandma,  filled with self righteous indignation about  the "illegal Occupation" by Israel of the Palestinian people, fighting for "Palestinian rights".  
Nobody seems to care about the human rights of the Palestinians and Arabs living in  Arab countries like Syria,  Iran, Iraq, etc.,  many of whom are being slaughtered etc. etc. etc.etc.  Anyone with a half a brain would realize that under Israel, the Palestinians have it much better than in any of such Arab countries. They are self governed, have electricity and running water, not to mention health services and education. Are they even paying for these services? Isn't it their own self gov't that is suppressing them,  keeping them from economic and other relief, preventing them from receiving full benefits that Israel has to offer while they engage in acts of terror against Israeli civilians with textbooks and classrooms filled with hate and jihad lessons against Israel.    Many Arabs, by choice or by force,  deny truth and kicks the hand that feeds them.  For that reason alone,  those Arabs who can not acknowledge let alone appreciate the benefits they are receiving in Israel, deserve to be expelled. Those who can acknowledge and appreciate the benefits are welcome to stay so long as they are not deceitful,,,, So long as they are not engaged in (purposeful lying and deceit) Taqiyya and substantiated anti Israel activities. 

In August 2014 the rise of ISIS was predicted with the massacre of the Yezidi men and the enslavement of the Yezidi women.  ISIS used as its role model Mohammad who set the precedent of genocide and sexual enslavement.  This was posted in June 2015.  

Yezidi's ISIS Genocide. Let us help them now before ISIS reaches Israel.

There are definite parallels and precedents with the genocide happening in our times to the Yezidis and other ethnic non Islamic populations going back to Mohammad. 

I turn your attention to this link written in May 2008 by Islam Watch  - Islam under scrutiny by Ex-Muslims entitled In Islam's Own Writings: Muhammad's Massacres and Sex-slaves The author  concludes


Muhammad's unprovoked, murderous attacks of Jewish tribes described above are acts of utter barbarity. His extermination and genocide of the whole community, such as that of Banu Qurayza, makes it worse.

His institution of slavery as a divine order of society was one of the worst curse that could happen to humanity. Allowing sex with slave-girls made it worse. His trading of slaves, such as selling some Banu Qurayza captives in Nejd, was another evil institution.

Muhammad engaged in all these cruel, dehumanizing and horrible acts  with the divine sanctions of Allah. Muhammad and his brainchild Allah were the worst evils to befall humankind, the detriment of which continues to afflict humanity with no end in site.

Please also watch Muslims Allowed to Rape Jewish Women

ISIS  finds ideological affinity with Nazi Germany.  ISIS Caliphate can be labeled as the new up and coming, (G-d Forbid) Holocaust  

Renanah's email: Protest continues tomorrow Sunday Jan. 15 noon-1:30.  Bring flags and signs!

Fwd: Tomorrow, in Toronto: June 15th, 2016 noon- across US Consulate on University Ave.: Protest Collusion with Jihad Against non-Muslims of Middle East: Yezidis, Jewish State (Paris Terrorist Conference and "Occupation" Lie) Chaldo-Assyrian Christians etc.

Below - read about the first Protest.  

CIJNEWS Toronto woman equates Yezidi genocide to threat to annihilate the Jewish State 
Posted by: Doris Strub Epstein January 14, 2017

A protest demonstration against the recent anti Israel UN Security Council Resolution 2334 and the Paris conference was held on January 12, 2017 across the road from the US Consulate on University Ave.

The drenching icy rain did not deter the protesters. Signs posted linked the Yezidi genocide to the possibility of a genocide against Israel.

Organizer Renanah Gemeiner, dressed like a Yezidi ISIS' slave, covered in black, dragging a chain, carried a huge Israeli flag to exemplify that concept. "Britain was required by international law to facilitate the return of Jews to "Palestine-Eretz Israel,", she declared, "but instead blocked entry to six million doomed Jews and allowed massive illegal Arab immigration; this after giving the Arabs sovereignty to all of the Middle East (over 96%) except for the tiny Jewish Homeland of over 3000 years. The occupation lie is the tool used by the Arabs today to continue their goal to acquire all of Israel," she said. "As in the Yezidi Genocide today, the world remained silent. Canada has brought 35,000 Syrian refugees here and less than 10 Yezidis."

Representatives of 72 countries will attend the Paris peace conference as part of the Paris peace initiative. It is a follow up to a similar meeting in June, also held in Paris. Neither Israeli nor Palestinian representatives were invited to the June meeting. which called on the two parties to commit to the two state solution "in order to rebuild trust."

US Secretary of State John Kerry will attend. In a speech last month he laid out six principles that the US says must govern the resolution of the conflict and rebuked Israel's "pernicious policy of settlement construction".

PM Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Abbas have been invited to come to France after the conference to learn of its conclusions. Netanyahu, highly critical of the conference, has said he will not travel to Paris, saying only direct negotiations between the two parties will be effective.
World Jewish Congress President, Ronald Lauder has called the imminent peace conference a "subversive attempt to impose a settlement on the Israelis and Palestinians without the explicit agreement or participation of both sides." he added, "It's like forcing a marriage without the bride's consent." He predicted the summit "will amount to nothing more than an anti Israel forum, reiterating the same biased demands that we've witnessed countless times from the anti Israel bodies of the UN."

Israel's former ambassador to Canada Allen Baker, goes even further and criticizes the unrealistic expectation of a two state solution. "They (the participants of the conference) are either ignorant of reasons for the dispute or willfully blinded by their Israel bias. They seem incapable of accepting the reality that Palestinian Arabs reject Israel's right to exist."

In an extraordinary, unprecedented response, a group of world renowned luminaries, which includes former PM Stephen Harper, came together in a "Friends of Israel Initiative" and sent a letter to President of France, Francois Hollande urging him to call off the conference especially coming after the UN Resolution 2334 and Kerry's subsequent speech. "The UN had the audacity to deny a Jewish connection to Jerusalem declaring it occupied territory, while misrepresenting Jewish settlements in the West Bank as a central obstacle to peace," they write.

They reminded Western leaders that while PM Netanyahu has called upon the Palestinian President to come to the negotiating table over the last eight years, Abbas has consistently blocked and carries on a diplomatic assault on Israel in world forums. They also reminded them that half of Palestinian leadership is "comprised of a terrorist organization sworn to Israel's destruction, which has never shown any inclination to moderate."

Other signatories include Mr. John Baird, former Foreign Minister of Canada, Colonel Richard Kemp, British Army, Hon. Jose Maria Aznar, former President of Spain, Hon. John Howard former Prime Minister of Australia, Hon. Lord David William Trimble, former Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, Nobel Peace prize in l998.

From: Mirza Ismail <>
Date: December 27, 2016 at 10:12:23 PM EST

Subject: Current Yezidis Situation in Mount Sinjar/Shingal 
Dear all,

Hope you and your families are well and it was great to see you all yesterday afternoon.

These are the messages I received from my colleagues: (I am omitting or changing some passages for the sake of the protection of the individuals involved. Robin.)

.... We are preparing some troops to go North and take action.... The people who are obstructing are Kurdish security people who claim they are from Duhok. Our letters from Duhok are from the KRG Department of Health. In the past these people have been assaultive and have stolen hundreds of thousands of USD in drugs and medical equipment which tge sell fr their own profits. We have cooperated with the KRG since July jumping through hoops. ...There is a continued crime of genocide being perpetrated by tge KRG against the Yezidi people.

The materials should go to the Yezidis and not the Kurds"

And this is my last testimony in Ottawa on November 24, 2016
Note: Please share it with your colleagues!

Best regards,
Mirza Ismail
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