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עמונה אלה ברכב ואלה בסוסים ואנחנו בשם ה´ Arutz7: Liberman: We will respect court decision to destroy Amona "If somebody thinks that we're not going to honor the order, he is deluding himself."


Liberman: We will respect court decision to destroy Amona "If somebody thinks that we're not going to honor the order, he is deluding himself."

My comments: 
What Israel has done to the settlers of Amona,demolishing 9 of their homes, and bringing in  riot horses and attacking unarmed kids and adults, boys and girls in 2006 is far worse than the Intolerable Acts of the British that triggered the Tea party and the American Revolution:  I personally have nothing but absolute contempt or the "Rule of Law" that Liberman so self righteously respects. 

Viewer discretion advised: Youtube Horrific atrocities in Amona:

Fwd:HIgh Court of Supreme Injustice> Amona is a test case for Israeli democracy - Israelis are confused about their country and what belongs to them, the Arabs know that and manipulate it

How can we explain Liberman's heartless response to insist on honoring the Supreme Court decision against Amona?  In addition, the Israeli courts are not transparent with any evidence that there indeed is an Arab land owner in Amona.  Nor have they shown a bit of flexibility even if there was one.  They are totally unwilling to  negotiate and legalize these Jewish settlements but they are willing to do so if they are illegal Arab squatters in Susiya. 

Surely Liberman is acting under the direction of the Prime Minister as did Yaalon.  We must hold them both accountable. 

There are 2 explanations of such obstinate stubbornness that I can think of.

1. Netanyahu and Liberman are puppets of America and the European Union and their Jewish 
souls are disconnected from their decision making process... If this be the case, let us examine if they are fit to be the leaders of a Jewish Homeland?

2. Let us judge them favorably. They purposefully are putting the Nationalist camp,the majority of Israeli's in terrible emotional pain in order to generate a strong outrage and so that the Nation will cry out in pain that they dare not touch Amona or else there will be a call for new elections.  Then they can go back to the American gov't and to the EU saying that there is no way we can override the will of the people. Israel has no choice but to annex Judea and Samaria. For this to happen, the Jewish people globally must demand that the Israel gov't treats Har HaBayit,  Judea and Samaria as an integral part of our ancient homeland with the respect it rightfully deserves and not as if we are illegal occupiers of Arab land. 

With upcoming elections in the West Bank with Hamas against Fatah, now is an amazing time to annex Judea and Samaria and have civil law rather than military law be the rule of law. 

The Supreme Court of Israel is unequipped to judge itself. Will the Supreme Court rule against itself? Obviously not!  But they have a clear bias against Nationalist Jews. Time to demand a Justice System that has Judaic Law as a foundation.  

Recent Examples of Bias Against Hilltop Youth and settlers in  Judea and Samaria by Israel Courts:

Court to Hear Police Request to Bar 6 Youths from Jerusalem


for more examples....

אלה ברכב ואלה בסוסים ואנחנו בשם ה´

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