Sunday, September 11, 2016

Watch: NY Assemblyman (Dov Hikind) Democrat 'fires' Clinton - Arutz Sheva


Kudos for Dov Hikind a Jewish Democratic Assemblyman for speaking the truth about Hillary.

My comments: The Democratic Party is not the same as it was when our parents voted Democrat.

The Leadership under Obama and Hillary is merely an impersonation of a legitimate US political party .  The Democratic Party is no longer controlled by Democracy but rather by evil sources. They use funding and social welfare benefits and public programs to bribe us and blind us from seeing how they are empowering Iran and Isis.

The destruction of Israel and America are their prize goal.

The money we receive from such govt sources, even if earned, is probably blood money,  poisonous to our education and soul, if it buys our silence and passive acquiescence in the face of unadulterated evil. 

In the future, we will then have to face the evil ourselves...that which we ourselves helped sow indirectly. G-d forbid.

Grama. We are held accountable in a Heavenly Court since we failed to testify and speak the truth.

The shame and embarrassment will be too much to bear.

Dov Hikind gets it.


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