Thursday, September 15, 2016

Arutz7 Re: Amona: Breaking News: Progress (or Stupidty)


Common sense questions:

Why waste $$$, time and energy on demolishing a Jewish Community when the claims of Arab ownership go unsubstantiated at least for public  consumption?  Why is there no transparency?  Why the secrecy?  

One can only conclude there is no valid claim. 

Why was the hilltop barren at the time Amona was built?

Why did the Israeli gov't proceed with approving construction of this hilltop if it clearly was Arab owned property?

Let the deed, proof of ownership be open for examination.

Why didn't the previous Arab owners build on this property?

It is absolutely clear to all that no Arab was displaced with the construction of Jewish Amona!

Surely an Arab who might have a legitimate claim to the actual land upon which Amona was built would be thrilled to get compensated.  After all, he never ever actually lived on the land. He has a home elsewhere.  

In addition, there is no common sense reason to believe that his claim is legitimate to begin with unless there is solid evidence.   

I smell a skunk. 

Just think of the tragic waste and cost  involved for Israel to demolish a Jewish Community and rebuild it elsewhere not to mention the costs for temporary housing. 

Next think of the children who are uprooted, robbed of security and stability being thrown out of their homes for no reason. Think of the stress their parents will need to endure.

This is deja vu of Gush Katif. 

This is criminal, immoral, a total waste of Israel's resources, and the direct cause of pointless grief, trauma and aggravation for Jews living in Judea and Samaria! 

it is a precedent for further such demolitions and surely intended to discourage settlement in Judea and Samaria.

This is not progress unless you are supporting a Palestinian State. 

For those who believe that this Land belongs to the Nation of Israel, it's idiocy that is coming from a not good source,  NGOs provocateurs who want to discredit Jewish Settlement in Judea and Samaria and promote the Palestinian Lie!

Therefore, the destruction of even one home  should be rejected outright even with promises of expansion elsewhere because  of the sinister intent of our enemies. Don't be fooled or naive. 

When Jewish homes are destroyed Arabs are not compensated.

 So what do they gain?
 They want to prove to the world  with our submission that we accept that this land is "arab" land. 

Short term,  it strengthens their claim of "occupation" which then justifies and fuels their "armed struggle" which means more terror against innocent Israeli civilians.  

Long term it encourages the hostile Palestinian State. 

And the gov't of Israel is stupid enough to even consider funding all of it in the name of " Progress towards Peace".

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