Sunday, September 18, 2016

New Pro Israel RNC Platform under Trump. No day light between America and Israel. Amazing YouTube presented on July 12, 2016 Alan Clemmons GOP


Whoever says that Hillary and Trump are equally bad are blind or ignorant to the moment of Truth  created this past July at the Republican National Convention!

Full GOP Platform Committee Passes Monumental Pro-Israel Platform

RNC Pro Israel Platform

July 12, 2017

Support of Israel is expression of Americanism.
End Republican silence to those wishing to divide the Eternal Capitol Jerusalem of the Jewish People and their Nation State and move American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as per United States law.
The term "Occupation" is antisemitic.
Will stop supporting those who endorse the Obama Administration to pressure Israel to negotiate a 2 State Solution with her enemies in the face of suicidal risk. The Republican Platform is to respect Israels judgement to do what it must to defend herself to live in her ancestral homeland.
The Republican party has arrived in a moment of truth. 
Public polling of the Republican base shows that the Party overwhelmingly Stands with Israel yet the platform endorses that Israel concedes vital strategic territory to a govt run by terrorists and Jihadist out for Israels destruction and who openly celebrated terror attacks on America on September 11th.
Watch amazing Youtube of Alan Clemmons House of Rep. Of South Carolina  Delegate
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