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New Israel Fund Annual Report - Building Progressive Change in Israel - New Initiatives for Democracy


Dear Fellow Activists and Supporters of Israel.

TOROSSIAN: Americans Who Fund The Families of Terrorists  Useful Idiots

NIF has given Grants to many NGO's that undermine Israel and empowers Israel's enemies.  Here is an opportunity to see who donates to NIF and encourage them to direct their contributions to Organizations that truly support Israel rather than empowers her enemies.  See Donor list starting Page 9 of 17. Partnerships and Programs can be seen on Page 8. NIF is proud of its progressive, liberal, human rights, peace initiatives to challenge right wing bias in media, stop the spread of right wing misinformation etc..

Actually, probably in this topsy turvy world of today, the human rights they protect are human rights of terrorists and/or their havens like hospitals, UN Schools, ambulances whom they cowardly use for cover, their peace initiatives protect a lying government bent on the destruction of Israel and her unarmed civilian population..  Challenging right wing bias means to stifle truth and withhold  the full story if it in anyway is not consistent with its leftist bias,  including the use of human shields, incitement of IDF and misrepresent what really happened with selected snippets to create a distorted narrative.  NIF partnerships and projects serves to undermine Israel's rightful claim to the Land of Israel and Israel's right to protect its residents and  her Biblical Homeland. 

From the NIF Web Site.  

New Israel Fund Annual Report

Taken from the NIF website:
Israel was established to be both a Jewish homeland and a democracy. Yet, over the past decade, Israel has endured an assault on liberal democratic values and a growing defiance of democratic norms, endangering freedom of speech and conscience as well as minority rights. Overt racism, ultra-nationalism, and xenophobia are on the rise.
The eruptions of violence and incitement following the murder of the three Israeli teenagers this summer and during the fighting in Gaza are only the latest examples of a surge of extremism threatening the fabric of Israeli society.
NIF seeks to promote a vision of Israel as a just, democratic and egalitarian society. To that end, NIF is now beginning a series of major investments as part of a bold effort to strengthen and expand the pro-democracy, progressive forces in Israel.
We're calling this new set of programs NIF's New Initiatives for Democracy (NIF-D).
NIF-D is designed to complement our existing work and create an ecosystem in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Please take a look at the new programs and projects we are funding, and know that even when some of our strategies change, our core programs, as well as our fundamental values, remain constant.
Your Support We're raising an extra $2 million in 2014 to support this work.  Help return Israel to its liberal roots.
The StrategiesNIF-D brings together several strategies to boost progressive forces in Israel and to expand the camp of Israelis speaking out for democratic values. Learn more about these efforts.
The NIF EcosystemNIF's work promoting civil rights, religious freedom, and social justice will be supported by NIF-D. See how it fits together. 


My comments about the NIF (Robin)

With friends like these who needs enemies?

Their New Initiatives for Democracy will vote in Hamas. 
Do Not Stop Sharing This Until Every Person Who Cares About Women Sees This.  Muslim Women speak for Abused Muslim women in the Muslim world. 

I lived in the ultra Nationalist Right Community of Kiryat Arba.  I can honestly attest that their women were respected by their men. It is part and parcel of their ultra nationalist right ideology and education. Basic human and women's rights are a given and lack of such rights are intolerable in their society.

 Shall we replace a healthy Jewish Society with an unhealthy Muslim one so that we can bring in New Initiatives funded by NIF?

fyi You can also sent around these Videos because sometimes Video are more powerful than words!

New Video Campaign Encourages Arab Youth to Butcher Jews (No need for cars, Robin)

OR How about this one? How Muslims deal with Muslim criminals....


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