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re: Yazidis: Emergency Situation in Mt. Sinjar; Immediate Intervention Needed! Please help! November 2014

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Subject: Emergency Situation in Mt. Sinjar; immediate intervention needed! Please help!

Dear sister Rananah,

Hope you and your family are doing well; I just received few phone calls from the colleagues in Mount Sinjar, they provided me with the following info and they are in urgent need of assistance. I am hoping you can forward it to our defense minister Hon. Baird and Hon. Mark Adler to get Canadian fighter jets involved in our dire situation in the Mt. Sinjar. And if you can also please forward it to the people we met at Hon. Mark Adler's office on Wednesday evening.

"ISIL Convoy arrived Sinjar coming from Mosul, they are about 40 armored and other military vehicles; about 20 military vehicles from Baaj arrived in Sinjar. And about 20 military vehicles arrived in Khanasor village and Sinony town from the villages of Musherrafa and Bir Qasim, which are on the Iraqi-Syrian border. About 5 ISIL vehicles arrived in Hardan village from Rijim Abd village. There is a high probability and a possible attack on besieged Mount Sinjar. The ISIL is trying to dominate the mountain as the base for them after their withdrawal from the outskirts of Baghdad, Zummar and Rabia areas and now the Iraqi army approaching Tikrit city and area. There is a large ISIL forces in arrived in Shello area and their attack on the Yezidis there is ready to start at any time from now. Therefore, the situation of the Yezidis in Mount Sinjar is very abnormal because there are still more than 1,500 Yezidi families in the Mountain and the Yezidi fighters do not have any good or heavy weapons and ammunition to defeat ISIL militias there and also because of the cold weather and lack of humanitarian aid especially food and winter clothing."

Best regards,

Mirza Ismail
Yezidi Human Rights Organization-International


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