Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sderot Dinner! Tomorrow Wednesday November 19/Cheshvan 26. Attend if you can! A Model Community of How to Respond to Terror


If you can not attend, please donate to the Yeshiva! Send this email/link around to your lists http://www.sderot.org/english/. Maybe someone you know wants to contribute to this Yeshiva!

If you are Jewish media make sure to cover this event and give the Yeshiva the coverage, recognition and Kavod it rightfully deserves!

In light of what happened in Har Nof, this Dinner takes on a new dimension. Uri Yifrach, the father of slain Israeli teen Eyal Yifrach hy"d,  will be the featured guest speaker. Surely for him, this massacre is reliving the pain. Let us share in the pain of Acheinu Beis Yisroel in Har Nof at this very time as well. Since Yossi Baumol, executive Director of Yeshiva Sderot is my cousin, I know that his sister lives in Har Nof. It brings the tragedy close to home.  

The Yeshiva of Sderot, with each of its buildings (other than Yossi's office, which is still a caravan I understand, so he still has to run when there is a siren) is fortified and has been a pillar of strength for the Sderot community and served as a headquarters during Operation Protective Edge.  Yossi Baumol, in his previous visit to USA spoke in Brooklyn at the Kingsway Jewish Center and described the amazing Shabbos spent at the Yeshiva during the war. 

 Families of the soldiers were coming to Sderot that Shabbat. Chiloni, Dati. Talk about the Shabbat Project.  Sderot had one then.   Missions from USA were there as well. United as you can't imagine.  The spirit was not to be believed.  I am sure we will hear  uplifting stories of those that had the zchut to be in Sderot at the Yeshiva at that time. The Yeshiva was bombarded with packages of food and supplies from all over.  They needed to go on a diet he said.  

The Yeshiva had 400 of its students serving in GAZA in the front lines.  Each time a missile dropped in Sderot and caused no damage they danced in the streets. 

If you can, please attend to show your support.  Special Rates of AFSI Members. Car pools are being arranged. (If you are not a member of AFSI, please become a member now. They are an amazing organization and you'll save for this Dinner as well as other Dinners for Israel who receive special Afsi rates)
WEDNESDAY, November 19 / Cheshvan 26
 at 6pm - "The Front Line Israel Solidarity Celebration" in the Annual Awards Dinner of   the American Friends of Sderot - 
The Max and Ruth Schwartz Sderot Hesder Institutions

Honoring Israel's Front Line Communities and the Protective Edge
Solidarity Missions from the New York/New Jersey Area

Meadowlands Hilton, 2 Meadowlands Plaza, East Rutherford, NJ
Further info: afsi@rcn.com212-828-24241-800-235-3658


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