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Batsheva Dance Company protest not so black and white. Adalah Apartheid Protests but did Batsheva Dance Company perform In Ariel Cultural Center?


They Hate ‘Progressive’ Israelis, Too 
n anti-Israel group called “Adalah” picketed a recent performance by the Batsheva Dance Company at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The most interesting aspect of the controversy is that the anti-Israel activists were undeterred by the fact that the dance troupe’s director has himself accused Israel of committing “war crimes.” postscript: 

Clarification: Batsheva Dance Company NEVER boycotted Ariel. 

Still, the question remains does Ohad Naharin  believe that Judea and Samaria is "occupied Palestinian Land" and support the BDS protesters to Free Palestine? Does Art transcend truth? 

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Many Israel activists were horrified to see Adalah's protest event planned for tonight at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM).  

Apartheid???? Adalah Boycotting Batsheva Dance Company November 12th at Brooklyn Academy of Music, NY. Be there to Protest them Back!

But after becoming educated as per the bigger picture we can only say

What goes around comes around.  

Apparently Ohad Naharin  art director, dancer and choreographer of Batsheva Dance Company supports the Palestinian cause more than the Jewish Settlers. 

Jews learned from the Holocaust that the world doesn't divide us, though we might divide ourselves. When Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was brutally murdered in Pakistan, many Jews were particularly touched by his last words affirming his Jewish identity. Many were moved to reflect on or analyze their feelings toward their lives as Jews.  As Daniel Pearl hy"d  said ". My name is Daniel Pearl. I'm a Jewish American from Encino, California, USA. I come from, uh, on my father's side the family is Zionist. My father's Jewish, my mother's Jewish, I'm Jewish. My family follows Judaism. We've made numerous family visits to Israel.[18]

Our message to Adalah and also to Ohad Naharin:  

It is not Palestine that they really want but rather the destruction of Israel as well as the freedom of artistic expression he so much loves.  

I doubt his dance company would be very well received by Hamas, Hizbollah, Fatah, Abbas and Nasrallah etc.  

Excellent Graphic:

BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) presents Batsheva Dance Company in Sadeh21, Nov 12—15 
Part of the company's 50th anniversary celebration
Sadeh21 US Premiere

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Ohad Naharin, the dance company's current Director, served in the Israeli army. In a 2005 interview with a Canadian newspaper, Naharin stated that "I continue to do my work, while 20 km from me people are participating in war crimes … 

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