Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Today, Torah Hakhel in Defiance! Protest wave of Terror! Aharon Bennett hy"d, Rabbi Nehemia Lavi hy"d, Eitam and Naama Henkin hy"d !, Today 4:30pm - 7PM In Front of Israel Consulate 2nd Ave. and E. 41st St. Organized by Chabad and Stand with Israel Activists. We must not sit idly by while our brothers' blood is being spilled; we must not remain silent.


Posted October 9, 2015
News Coverage of Chabad Rally #Jewishbloodisnotcheap October 7, 2015


The Message of this Rally is that Torah and not Politics will stop Terror.   

Here is the link to the Facebook page that has been set up for the event today:


Recent Terror Attacks over Sukkot and ongoing...
Meet Iran's Islamic Jihad Cell that Attacked Israel: 

  • ID of 5 Palestinian terrorists who fired rockets last week unveiled; license plates show they hailed from Iran hub of Damascus. 
    His wife, Adelle Banita Bennett was seriously wounded in a brutal stabbing attack attack in the Old City on Saturday, as was her two-year-old toddler. Bennett's husband, Aharon, and Rabbi Nehemiah Lavi were both killed. 
    Rabbi Lavi, a father of seven, is originally from Beit El in Binyamin north of Jerusalem, but has lived in the Old City for the past 23 years. He is a rabbi at Yeshivat Ateret Kohanim.
    According to the rabbi's friends, he went down with his gun to try and save those wounded by the Arab terrorist in the attack, but the terrorist stabbed him and took his weapon.
    The terrorist "Mohammed Shafik Halabi, 19, is a member of Islamic Jihad," 
    The People's response to this Terror!

    Israel: Hakhel with Defiance!

    Thousands Celebrate With the Torah at Terror Sites
    Education Minister Naftali Bennett joins thousands in Hakafot dancing celebrations over the Simchat Torah holiday at 'trouble spots.'

    Thousands Protest Terror in Front of Prime Minister's Residence 
    Likud ministers join the crowd as the masses say 'enough!' to terror (with Hakafot Shniyot)

    USA: Hakhel with Defiance

    RALLY FRIDAY AM OUTSIDE OF PLO MISSION TO PROTEST THE HENKIN TERROR ATTACK  This rally organized by Amcha and attended by EY Activists and teens from SAR featured Tehillim, Singing and Divrei Torah. 

    Today's Rally outside of Israeli Consulate organized by Chabad and Stand With Israel activists...Please spread the word!  Thanks!

    Prosor: UN Security Council Remains Silent on Palestinian Terror
    Israel's UN Ambassador Ron Prosor says Secretary General's condemnation not enough while Security Council stays silent.


    Why is this rally in front of Israel Consulate and not in front of United Nations?  (Op Ed Shemittah Rediscovered)

    Please write to Prime Minister Netanyahu.  Listen to the High School Students.  They are not blinded by politics!  They are true to Torah which will bring true security.
    How then should we respond to Obama's threats as we brace ourselves for a backlash from his Administration? Should we back down and stop building in Judea and Samaria or should we go on the offensive? 
    ...Is this Obama phenomenon equivalent to an effective abrogation of the Constitution? Does the Obama regime nullify the principle of "Government by the consent of the governed" -- a principle enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, in fact, the principle that justified the American Revolution? Patriotic Americans should rally behind the impeachment movement of former Congressman Allen West. Peaceful demonstrations should take place in Washington, D.C. calling for serious public debates  on whether Obama has violated the Constitution. Collateral evidence of Obama's contempt for Constitution and the Declaration is readily available.A team of Constitutional Lawyers should document acts of Obama that clearly indicate violations of , and contempt for, the Constitution.


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