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FW: How to address The current wave of ARAB Terror. Excellent Suggestions from Steve and comments from Pesach Aceman...

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Date: Oct 14, 2015 5:37 AM
Subject: Fwd: FW: The current wave of ARAB HYSTERIA

​I will add my own.  No elections for the Arabs but only to live in the State of Israel  Don't want to or involved in terror including rock throwing , the terrorist and the family are out to Jordan, the Mediterranean or elsewhere. They are not our responsibility.  ​

​After three wars meant to annihilate us, there is  no need to be nice guys. Enough is enough and we must live up to NEVER AGAIN or otherwise we let down the future generations. No need to negotiate   It is our problem that there is what is called 'the west bank' in that we did not take it at the end of the Six Day War as is true of the Har Habeit/Temple Mount. There were ready then but our being so passive and denying the gifts of Hashem has led to the current terror.  

It is up to us not them and we must act now or the future will not be so bright. The rest of the world can go and you know what. 


I don't know who he is and I like his ideas!

Hope he runs for office or at least a senior position in the security

(report from Israel sent to me by a friend)

Steve is the Australian born owner of our apt. He is also the proud son of a
Holocaust survivor.
Steve is highly educated, travels the world teaching and lecturing for a
World Health Organisation. As well he is an undercover police officer with
the drug division here in Jerusalem. He is involved 24/6. Needless to say a
most interesting and inspiring gentleman. His wife Deena is just as involved
in numerous projects to strengthen our country.

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From: Steve
Date: 13 October 2015 at 21:17
Subject: The current wave of ARAB HYSTERIA

The Arab world , and certainly our ARAB neighbours , here in Israel and
Jordan, have trained themselves to enter a state of Hysteria and then, a
mental state where logic , talking , negotiating or even forcing them to
"relax" ---Doesn't WORK!

The time has come to SHOCK them into a more NORMAL and HUMAN state.

The government must announce a state of MILITARY LAW , for all the ARAB
citizens, non-citizens and so-called Palestinian ARABS.

Any ARAB stabbing , killing , wounding or attacking another person-is SHOT
and killed.
His body is not -returned to his family---but buried in an unmarked grave ,
somewhere, wrapped in pig skin!

His local mosque is closed down and his local IMAM is expelled to JORDAN.

The family of the attacking ARAB , is packed up, and driven to AZA.
They are then dumped in AZA. The local HAMAS, will , obviously treat them
nicely, with a wide smiling WELCOME.

All members of the ISLAMIC FRONT political party , are arrested and sent to

ABU MAZEN, and his gang, are sent packing , to "TUNISIA".
Israel, announces a date for free, and extensive elections among the
PALESTINIANS. They elect a representative PARLIAMENT, and then start a
negotiation with ISRAEL, for the creation of some 10 autonomous districts,
across ISRAEL and JORDAN.

Israel, then issues special photo-cards to any Palestinian who wants to work
in ISRAEL ------and earn money. (Only persons with a clean security record
....can enter ISRAEL.)

Any ARAB found guilty , by a court of anti-ISRAEL activity, , violence or
terrorism--is sent to a special prison, in Israel, where the conditions are
very un-like a 4 star HOTEL.

This is a start.

(and by the way......What is happening in ISRAEL, today......will happen in
Germany, Birmingham, Detroit and Paris....very soon!............

This HYSTERIA , must be stopped NOW!


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