Thursday, October 01, 2015

Hakhel, Crown Heights! Chol Hamoed Mega Event in Brooklyn, Tonight 7:30pm FREE Thursday night, October 1, on the 2nd day of Chol HaMoed, Tens of Thousands expected!

Tonight there will be a  Chol Ha Moed Mega Event in Brooklyn Thursday night, October 1, on the 2nd day of Chol HaMoed for over 20,000 people Be"H. It's to celebrate Hakhel, and people from the whole northeast region of the US and Canada (representing different Jewish communities, Sephardi, Ashkenazi, Chassidic, Yeshivish etc.) will be in attendance.

Eastern Parkway (one of the main thoroughfares in Brooklyn and in all of NYC) will officially be closed for this event from Albany Avenue all the way to Brooklyn Avenue.

Please Forward!  This is a newsworthy story for the Jewish world.  Highlight  this event!  
  • PREPARATIONS! 3 min video link with images of the planned stage, lighting, seating areas below:
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