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Fwd: Part I: IRAN UPDATE ON THIS YOM HASHOAH from Lynnne and Nessim Tammam Yom Hashoah Mobilization Committee

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 Dear Friends of Israel and the Jewish People,

This message will be sent in two parts: an update and a current plan of action. 

Your calls, your e-mails, your letters, and your activism contributed to the positive development announced yesterday, April 14th.   This message will be sent in two parts: an update and what we action can be taken now. 

Update on the legislation:
The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act was approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee by a unanimous bi-partisan vote of 19-0.   Anticipating veto-proof majorities in both houses in favor of the bill convinced President Obama to back down from his threat to veto it.    The bill will be presented to the Senate for a vote imminently and then to the House of Representatives.

It is true that two aspects of the legislation were amended to mollify Obama, however, its most important aspects were preserved.   Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz declared yesterday that Israel was pleased with the compromise deal achieved between the United States Congress and President Obama's Administration.  He added that "this a very important element in preventing a bad deal, or at least, in improving the agreement and making it more reasonable."  
  • Instead of having 60 days to review the legislation, Congress will have 30 days; however, an additional 12 day period was added within which the president would have to decide whether to accept or veto a resolution of disapproval if Congress decided to vote to reject the agreement.   Additionally, the review period would also include a maximum period of 10 days within which Congress would have the option to override a veto.   In effect, that means that for a maximum of 52 days (30+12+10) after submitting a final agreement and all classified material to Congress, the president would not be able to lift sanctions (NYT, 4/15/15). 

  • Initially, the bill required the president to certify every 90 days that Iran was no longer supporting terrorism against Americans.  If he could not certify this, economic sanctions would be reimposed.   The amended bill still requires the president to send reports to Congress on a regular basis which document Iran's activities related to ballistic missiles, and terrorism but new sanctions would not be automatically triggered as a result of those reports(NYT, 4/15/15).

Many are anticipating that there may be no deal in light of Iran's refusal to allow inspection of their nuclear weapon-related technologies, their underground facilities, or their military installations.

Despite the relief we feel at this moment, there are many dangers emanating from Iran's quest for regional domination which includes "the annihilation of Israel" (G-d forbid!):  
  • Iran is continuing, full-speed ahead, to develop its nuclear weapon delivery system;
  • Terrifyingly, it has been reported that Russia has retracted its hold on the transfer of S-300 missiles to Iran (WSJ, 4/13/15).  If these missiles are shipped to Iran within the next 6 months or sooner, Iran will have one of the most advanced anti-missile defense systems in the world.    Iran will be able to fire a single battery of missiles at multiple targets flying up to almost 90,000 feet which would make any offensive against Iran far more difficult from the air.


         It was pressure from the U.S. and Israel stopped the sale of five S-300 squadrons in 2010.   The same year, the United Nations Security Council passed an arms-embargo barring the sale of major conventional systems to the Tehran regime. That resolution is still in effect, but the Kremlin has decided not to abide by it.  Moscow reported that it will dispatch the S-300s "promptly" to the Islamic Republic, according to the Russian Defense Ministry (Town, 4/15/15). 

Please make sure to read the "Current Plan of Action" to follow. 

Lynne Bursky-Tammam and Nessim Tammam
Yom Hashoah Mobilization Committee


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