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State Dept accomplice to Jewish Settlers Libel? The State Dept as Palestinian Propaganda Instrument?..


What Were Armed US Consulate Staff Doing near Adei Ad? 
Security source says 'no question' US Consulate staff pointed their weapons during Friday confrontation. Planned provocation or blunder? By Ari Soffer
US 'deeply concerned' by settler attack on consulate staff
State Department says Israeli authorities acknowledge 'seriousness of the incident,' denies security personnel drew weapons

The Passion of the Olive Trees*: Settlers Pelt US Diplomatic Personnel in the West Bank 
By: J. E. Dyer

-- Previous instances of the Arabs cutting their own trees, and then making allegations against settlers, have been reported in the last decade by Elder of Ziyon and Yisrael Medad, among others.  (Yisrael Medad's documentation over the years highlights an additional point: that Arabs may make claims about property damage in the hope of receiving monetary compensation from the Israeli government.  Political reasons aren't the only ones for lodging these allegations.)....

One final note.  As discussed in the Blaze story (as well as here, more recently), anti-Israel activists – i.e., foreign NGO workers – reportedly take part in the false-flag "attacks" on the West Bank olive trees.  These are the organizations that later spread the allegations about settler attacks.
This brings us full circle to the original story about the incident on Friday involving personnel from the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem.  What are our people doing, skulking around the West Bank as if the U.S. State Department is a radical-left NGO?  Beyond the stupidity of the political theater, there is the sordid possibility that some questionable damage claims are made just to get monetary compensation.  And the Obama State Department doesn't even demand video evidence, at a minimum, before it goes off ambulance-chasing.

Arabs, Left-Wing Groups Accused of Destroying Palestinian Olive Groves to Frame Settlers (VIDEO)
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