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Fwd: Oz veGaon snow update. The leader Moshe and his leadership qualities from Women in Green

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To our dear friends,

The winds and welcome snow have caused branches of a pine tree to fall
on the tent where we hold events. It will not be possible to have our
lecture tomorrow in the tent in its current condition.

The lesson is therefore postponed for a future date.

We will report on other damage from the snow in the preserve at a
later date and with your help we will, please G-d, be able to restore
everything to its prior condition as soon as possible.

The spirits of the team living in tents at Oz veGaon, including the
one-year old baby, is high and strong. The public is invited to come
and visit.

This Shabbat we will read the Torah portion of Shemot and we will
become acquainted with "The" leader Moshe and his leadership

1-      Moshe is our highest level prophet: "And there has not arisen
another prophet in Israel like Moshe, who knew the Almighty face to

2-      Moshe the humble: "And the man Moshe is more humble than any
man on the face of the Earth... Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh"

3-      Moshe and the Jewish bond: "And Moshe matured and went out to
his people and saw their suffering (despite his having the status of a
prince of Egypt)...and he saw an Egyptian man beating one of his Hebrew
brothers, and he turned this way and that, and he saw that there was
no one and he smote the Egyptian and buried him in the sand".

4-      Moshe, the judge among Jews "...behold, two Hebrew people  were
fighting and he said to the evil-doer:   why are you beating your

5-      Moshe, the judge between peoples: Moshe stood up and rescued
them, and watered their flock (Yitro's daughters' flock).

6-      Moshe challenges the Almighty for the rights of the Hebrew
people: Why have you harmed this People...and have not rescued your
People...  culminated by "And if not, erase me from your book"

Shabbat Shalom,

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar

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