Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pashath Haman Segula for Parnossa Say NOW! Today Tuesday 0f Parshat Beshalach

7 Shvat 5775

Dear Family and Friends, amv"sh

Parshat Haman: the portion in the Torah that describes the way Hashem provided manna (i.e., parnassah from heaven) for the Jewish people in the Midbar Desert. This can be found in Sefer Shemot, Perek16: 4-36. The book of Exodus 16: 4-36.  
Artscroll English Translation of Parshas Haman

There are many who recite this daily, however, it is a most auspicious time to recite it on the Tuesday of Parashas B'shalach. 

Below is a link for it in Hebrew and Aramaic for 2 Mikra Echad Targum:

May all your tefilos (prayers) be answered l'tova(for the good)!

You probably will enjoy this video called 

Seven - They Might Be Giants (a good video to describe  what Shabbos is all about) ty Sarah Leah for sending...

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