Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Yazidis Update as of December 3, 2014. Situation very bad. Need food and shelter, weapons and aircover to fight ISIS

Anyone who can help please email Renanah or Mirza Ismail. Thank you. Forward to someone who can help!
On Tue, Dec 2, 2014 at 5:47 PM, Mirza Ismail <> wrote:
Dear sister Renanah,

Hope you, your family and your colleagues are well.

The current situation of the Yezidis in Iraq is very bad in general; the displaced Yezidis in camps in Northern Iraq do not get what they suppose to, they only get some dried food such as rice but very bad quality, lentils and chickpeas. The situation of Yezidis in Mount Sinjar, the displaced Yezidis don't get any types of aid if they are not affiliated with the KRG; the Iraqi government and the KRG are working together hard to wipe-out the non-Muslim ethnic and religious minorities and including the Yezidis from Iraq; these both governments openly betrayed the Yezidis and Christians in Sinjar region and Nineveh Plain region; the Yezidi fighters in Mount Sinjar have not gotten any weapon support nationally and or internationally and they are the only fighters who really fight ISIS (Islamic State Terrorists). The Yezidis in Sinjar Mountain are starving, they have got food and other humanitarian aid; they are in urgent need of humanitarian aid; I am hoping that the IsrAid can help the Yezidis in Mount Sinjar as soon as possible. 

Best regards,

Mirza Ismail
Yezidi Human Rights Organization-International

On Sat, Nov 29, 2014 at 8:47 PM, RANANAH GOLDHAR<> wrote:
Hi Mirza,
Our prayers are with you.

I would be greatly appreciative if you could write to me re:

1. what is the current situation with the Yezids in general,

2. what is the current situation with the people on Mount Sinjar
                  was there an attack,
                  was there food and supply drop

3. where are the Yezidis who were captured,

4. are you in contact with IsrAid?

Joe and I have sent a first group of signed petitions to he Can. government, to MP Sweet and are waiting to hear if he will present them.  We have started a second petition with the 3 immediate requests of air cover and military equipment, bring survivors to Can. as refugees,

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