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Shalom Pollack of Honenu and Independant Tour Guide Re: Israel Being Kind to her Terrorist Enemies, Endangering Jews and Non Jews alike. He calls this Being a Sucker.

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Eleven year old Ayala Shapiro is fighting for her life. (please pray hard  for Ayala bat Ruth).
Ayala was in the car with her father returning home to their village of El Matan  in Samaria when two Arab neighbors from the village of Azun awaited them at  a darn turn in the ascending narrow, dark road and threw their gasoline bombs. The Arab  neighbors have done this often but never with such "success".

I quote  from an excellent article  by  Frimet Roth appearing in Israel National News. Her fifteen year old daughter, Malki was  murdered by Arabs in the Sbarro massacre a few  years ago. She feels that the avalanche of good deeds done by Israel for the "Palestinians" is  kept from their public because it would threaten their  narrative of persecution and dilute the hate for Jews that   they instill in their people.

I quote;
"How does it make them feel knowing that 30% of Hadassah's child patients are Palestinian Arabs? According to the World Health Organization, 91.5% of applications from Gaza for Palestinian Arabs to receive medical care in Israel were approved  in 2012 (an additional 7.2 percent were conditionally approved pending security checks), and more than 200,000 Palestinian Arabs sought and received medical treatment inside Israel that year. Do Arabs in Toubous or Kfar Azoun know this? Or care? They should."

I differ  with  Ms. Roth. I think that by this time - after generations of ever increasing  generosity and care to our avowed  enemies, they get it.They understand it is  not a Jewish trick or public relations  stunt.
 In their eyes we  are despicably weak and therefore are fated to die or worse...

We live in the Mid East, not the Mid West.
Look around the Arab world; from the Atlantic to the Himalayas, what do  you see?

The list of Arabs turning  on their Jewish helpers/saviours is too long to include in this article. Yet our "liberal" Jews are  still so proud of this sacrifice. "We are not like them" We have "Jewish values". They are the self appointed  experts on Jewish values. Likely, most  are totally ignorant of any  classic Jewish text.

Explain these "Jewish values" to the families of the Jewish victims. I am sure they feel it was well worth it... 

Israel has a reputation for being a rather hard nosed, in your face society.  The worst  insult one can hurl at someone is that of "freir" or sucker. Try  even making the mistake of seeming to beat some one to a  parking space..
.Authentic Jewish values teaches us  that  rage and uncompromising behavior  is not a  a proper response to your brother. 
However, how surprising is it that, when it comes to our avowed enemies and murderers we do  find tons of tolerance and sympathy?
I often think that our country needs a huge psychologist's couch.

As  a tour guide I  take groups to  Hadasah hospital to see the famous Chagal windows. We are taken through the hospital by a guide who is always  proud to stress  that thirty percent of the patients are Arabs form near and far.

I often ask the guide a private, quiet  not politically correct question."If there were fifty or sixty or seventy percent Arabs in the hospital would she  be  so sanguine and satisfied? Would she not in fact be  very worried?
 But why really? Where is the boundary of "Jewish values"

When two  people shared a hospital room, one a  Arab terrorist and the other  his Jewish victim, both getting the same urgent attention, it was  a source of pride for the guardians of "Jewish values" at the hospital .

I dare to differ.

It is not what the Torah instructs us.
.It is not being  moral
It is not sensible
It is not Jewish values

It is being a sucker in a region where it is a lethal flaw.
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See also what the Lubavitcher Rebbe has to say:(Robin)



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