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Yazidis. - Update. December 8th, 2014 A Race Against Time: Save Yezidis from ISIS, Slavery and Genocide! Cry for Help from Mirza Ismail Chairman Yezidi Human Rights Organization-International


Dear Friends,

Please note the date!  This was sent out yesterday December 8th 2014!

Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2014 00:40:47 +0300
Subject: Yezidis Current Situation in Northern Iraq
Dear all,

First of all I hope you, your families and colleagues are well.

Yesterday I and my colleague visited the displaced Yezidis camp in Shariya village to see their situation; they said on Saturday, December 06, 2014; six trucks of winter clothing came to IDP camp in Shariya village, we asked the displaced people there, but they did not know where or from whom the donations came from.  However, while they were video recording and taking pictures, the organization distributed the winter clothing to only about 60 families and they left the camp.  The Shariya camp holds about 30,000 displaced Yezidis.

Note: we also met with two Yezidi fighters, who just came from the Mount Sinjar two days ago; Mr. Sulaeman and Mr. Kamal were there fighting the Islamic State Terrorists since the beginning of the ISIL attack against the Yezidis in Sinjar region that started on August 03, 2014. They told us that there are still more than 12,000 Yezidis live in Mount Sinjar, they said they do not have good weapons and ammunition and most important there are no food, drinks, etc. especially for young children and other necessity such as winter tents and clothing; "If we do not receive direct humanitarian aid in the next couple of weeks, hudreds of people would pass away of starvation."

We are asking you in the name of humanity to help those struggling innocent Yezidis!

Best regards,

Mirza Ismail
Yezidi Human Rights Organization-International

It doesn't seem like what they are asking for is so much!

I am shocked that they haven't received such basic humanitarian aid till now in spite of the public awareness of their plight!!!  

 What happened to all the humanitarian aid, from America and elsewhere, from private Jewish and non Jewish organizations already sent?  Why haven't they reached the Yazidi's for whatever reason? Not enough winter coats? 

Excuse me for my ignorance but which  Congressman or Senator or Congressional Committees are addressing the plight of the Yazidi Community.  In light of the Yazidis being the most motivated to actually fight ISIS, wouldn't America and all those who feel threatened by ISIS see to it that military and humanitarian relief efforts are actually reaching them? Please sent this to your elected officials!  Why is American Foreign Policy failing them?  Thank you.

Yazidis Face Genocide by ISIS After U.S. Turns Away

Iraq's Yazidis Appeal For Help In Finding Their Missing Women


Renanah writes:  

Hello MPs, Friends,
We as the Jewish People know these letters.  I do. I am a student of the life and work of Rabbi Weissmandl and the heroic group of Jews who send pleading letters  begging for help.  "One day you too will beat your breasts because you will know you could have helped us and you did not..."   I am begging all of us and you to wake up and investigate this matter  immediately and fully and if you find if it is just as Mirza says - the DO SOMETHING now to:
save these people on Mt. Sinjar,
protect the Yezidis in the camps,
rescue the women and children from slavery, 
and more.
With bleeding heart,
I asked Peggy Shapiro from Standwith us how she put together such an amazing coalition of sponsors of this Yazidi Rally in Chicago this past week.  

​Peggy Shapiro from Standwithus - StandWithUs <peggys@standwithus.com> answers:


Here is how you connect: ASK!

My rabbi and I walked into new places, Assyrian cultural centers, Korean busines associations, etc. and asked for their support. Some said no or maybe, but others replied YES!
Ask the IAHV  http://www.iahv.org/us-en/ for help with speakers and you already have their contact information if you are communicating with Matthew and others. Supplies are reaching them through IAHV. As winter ice rains are falling, these provisions are inadequate. I saw photos of the most recent deliveries and conditions and your heart will break.



 LINK for how people can contribute.   http://www.iahv.org/us-en/yazidi-relief/

For a thread of background material and posts about the Yazidis: http://shemittahrediscovered.blogspot.com/2014/08/israel-must-help-yazidis.html

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