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Rav Shteinman: Those Who Go To Kever Yosef are Suicidal and my comments


"Visitors to Kever Yosef are like those who commit suicide," said Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman at his home at 5 Rechov Chazon Ish in Bnei Brak.

Rav Shteinman made his remarks to a group of dayanim who came to his home to discuss visiting the tzion of Yosef Hatzaddik and those who place themselves in immense danger doing so.

"The people who go there are forfeiting their lives. There is real sakonas nefashos. This is also called 'hisgaros be'umos' (teasing the nations). They know it angers the goyim and they go anyway."

"For what purpose do people do this?" asked the senior rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Orchos Torah. "Are there nokevorim here in Bnei Brak, or Yerushalayim, or up north to go to?"

"Anyone who goes there," added Rav Shteinman, "if chas veshalom something happens to him, 'damo berosho' (his blood is on him, i.e., he is accountable for his own fate). Even an eglah arufah need not be brought for such a person. He is to blame. He brought it on himself. It is like one who committed suicide."

"Nowadays that the danger is known to all," concluded Rav Shteinman, "there's no purpose in going, and thesakanah is greater than any gain."

I agree with a comment of this link:  If the IDF would defend Kever Yosef properly it would not be a Makom of Sakana. 

THere was a cold blooded murder of a Breslov Chasid ben Yosef Livnat  when he went to davan in Kever Yosef unarmed.  I can not accept that it is the case of Damo BaRosho but rather Damo on all those who allowed the lives of Jews to be Hefker and did not insist on adequate security for this holy site in Eretz Yisroel. The Breslov Chasidim were willing to be Moser Nefesh in order to show the World that Eretz Yisroel is our rightful inheritance as per Hashem's Covenant with Am Yisroel and their right to prey at this HOLY Site as per the International law and the Law of the Land and this murder proved what we all now know that  when we do not protect Eretz Yisroel, our Holy Land,and we allow our enemies the opportunity to defend us,  then all of our lives are in serious danger. 

The Fogel family were murdered in cold blood in Itamar.   The Yishuv did not have the necessary cameras to detect the infiltration properly .My rhetorical question to Rav Shteinman  Is whether living in the Yishuv of  Itamar constitutes putting your life in Sakana? It is a rhetorical question since  I know the answer already.

 We all know what happened when those in Gush Katif were expelled.  Rav Perlow at a Agudah Convention quoted Rav Eliashiv who said, from a security standpoint it made things worse!.  Should those in Itamar leave?  Should they be sitting ducks waiting for tragedy to happen?  Should settlers of Judea and Samaria be expelled like those from Gush Katif?  After all, their settlements anger the local Arab population. Damo BRosho? To where will they run?

Did the "Disengagement" bring security to Sderot, Ashkelon and Ashdod?  
The  IDF allowed the PA to be in charge of security.  This put not only Breslev Chassidim lives in danger  but also the lives of all Jews living in Judea and Shomron in danger. This murder of ben Yosef Livnat should have woken up those who are blind as per the Pikuach Nefesh of hundreds of thousands of Jews living in Judea and Samaria because roadblocks are being closed and the  PA is being trained by America with sophisticated weapons and training,only to align themselves with Hamas.  Why has the  IDF turned a blind eye and the Israel judicial system act in discriminatory judgments against those living in Judea and Samaria?   When there are thefts of property and acts of aggression against fellow Jew not only are settlers not defended they are prosecuted when false allegations are brought against them.

Rav Shteinman," Is the plight of Jews of Judea and Samaria "Nisht Inzere Sugia"?.  (not of our concern)

Should we in America and in Bnei Brak wait until it is too late when it is "Inzare Sugia" and there will be no one there to help us defend ourselves chas Veshalom like it happened in Eastern Europe?  When a psak saying that those that go to Kever Yosef is suicidal gets printed it confuses the editors as per whether living in Judea and Samaria is also Suicidal.  This results is that those same editors ignore the plight of those living in Judea and Samaria by not taking sides.When there is no awareness, hundreds of thousands of caring Jews are then stopped from doing their hishtadlus in whatever capacity to protect Eretz Yisroel.  Then because of Areivus, we as a Nation are not worthy of claimng the Land. 

 Please reevaluate this Psak. 

When we give the high ground to our enemies like the Shomron, those in the low ground like Tel Aviv airport and perhaps even Bnei Brak are in danger.  

Damo B'Rosho.  Let us not put the blame on the innocent.  Let us see the whole picture.

Let us unite and may there be a Tikkun of Chait HaMiraglim in our Generation  the Yetzer Hara, the evil inclination which blinds us and which discourages the people from inheriting the Land of Eretz Yisroel.  Surely our Gedoilim have the ability and the greatness to lead Am Yisroel to greatness.  That is why they are accepted as Gedoilim and I am not.  However, we are all human and Hashem should help us all see how we can be Metaken what needs to be Metaken. 

Please forgive me for speaking out.May HASHEM who understands the thinking of my heart knows that I do have Emunas Chachamim and strengthen my Emunas Chachamim and it is for this reason I am addressing this matter.   Hareini Mocheles lechol me Shehichis oti.....Let us forgive each other and judge each other favorably and may Hashem forgive us for all our sins. 

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