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Re: Brainstorming from Robin re: Open Letter to Caroline Glick from Paul Eidelberg.


Dear Readers.  Paul's open letter to Caroline Glick follow my comments

Dear Prof. Eidelberg, amv"sh

 Here are my comments.

Your suggested political program  to Caroline Glick are great and I would endorse almost all of them for the existing State of Israel.  I would like to suggest going  a step further.

Create a prototype Torah autonomy in Judea and Samaria with the consent and support of the State of Israel This prototype government will consist of  a Nasi, a president/prime minister that would serve as executive branch,  a  Sanhedrin similar to the Knesset and Shoftim a Judicial Branch governed by  Halacha based on Torah Shebichtav and Torah Shebaal Peh.  The Halacha would address all aspects of a governed society, monetary, economic, social, political etc. 

The Sanhedrin  will authorize declarations of War against our enemies of Judea and Samaria.

 There needs to be an armed military force, an army/militia.

 Shotrim, policemen, working in sync with the State of Israel to protect Judea and Samaria and  to enforce the Law

(Lehavdil Sharia Law governs Islamic countries in a totalitarian manner supposedly based on the Koran).

 Torah Shebichtav is the common denominator and Torah Shebaal Peh allows for diversity and Eilu VeEilu Divrei Elokim Chaim, all differences of opinions are accepted as valid Torah viewpoints based on different halachic interpretations all based on Torah. 

This is precisely what Haman was against. 

Then Haman said to King Achashveros, "There is a certain people scattered abroad and dispersed among the peoples in all the provinces of your realm. Their laws (Dalet-Tav) are different from every other people's and they do not observe the king's laws; therefore it is not befitting the king to tolerate them." (Esther 3:8)

The main difference between the Torah Autonomy and the existing State of Israel annexing Judea and Samaria  is that Hebraic Law based on Torah Shebichtav and Torah Shebeal Peh would transplant the existing law rather than merely upgrade it to reflect a Jewish Character.

Being that a religious gov't (based on Das - Daled Tav) is revolutionary and there are bound to be many bugs, flaws,   that need to be ironed out, it makes sense to do this small scale, without coercion of a population ignorant, fearful, hostile and resistant to a religious, Torah run society.

 With time and patience the people will Beezrat Hashem appreciate that the ways of Torah are sweet and pleasant and the Nations of the World will say Am Chachom VeNavon.

May we be zocheh to see the fulfillment of the prophetic vision of Isaiah regarding the Nations of the World: "And they shall prostrate themselves before the Lord on the holy mountain in Jerusalem".

As for Point 14, Let me add that there are imposters in the UN who masquerade as human rights defenders just as 70 wolves "protect" the lamb.   

The Vision of the League of Nations, the predecessor to the UN had lofty ideals.

Is the United Nations so thoroughly corrupt and rotted to its core so that we have no option but to leave? I believe that  with a strong Israel based on Torah there is hope to expel the evil and transform the UN  to the vision depicted on the Isaiah Wall inscribed in 1975 with the famous quotation from Isaiah 2:4: "They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more."


On Tue, Jul 5, 2011 at 6:21 PM, Paul Eidelberg <> wrote:
Dear Ms. Glick:
Some time ago I "nominated" you--so to speak--for prime minister of Israel.
Now I would like to suggest a political program for the purpose.
It might include the following:

(1) abrogation of Oslo, hence Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samariai: 
(2) direct personal election of MKs;
(3) separation of powers;
(4) limitations on Judicial Review (I have some details for this purpose);
(5) assertion of the Jewish essence of the state as its paramount principle:
(6) a loyalty oath--I've formulated one that conforms to classical democracy; 
(7) a system of conversion that increases the Jewish character of the state;
(8) tougher tax-evasion laws; 
(9) tougher campaign-finance legislation; 
(10) education reform (I have some details in mind); 
(11) enfranchisement of Israelis abroad if we have a presidential system of govt;
(12) a committee to 
to issue reports on a candidate's financial assets, education, and public service experience.
(13) A Declaratory Statement: no negotiations with military dictatorships;
(14) Resignation from the UN 

Bless you for all your good work.
Paul Eidelberg


Robin Ticker
This email  is L'Ilui Nishmat  Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan)  a great activist and lover of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichrono Baruch.

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