Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sign up "Friends of the Jewish Communities in the Shomron" on Facebook...


Shavua tov! If you haven't already please sign up.... Zol Tuv, robin

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David Ha'Ivri sent a message to the members of Friends of the Jewish Communities in the Shomron.

Subject: Monday at 5PM Israel time - World wide demo to end the Freeze

Please get the word around to all of your friend in every location. Each group no matter who big or same is called on having a local demonstration calling on Israeli PM Netanyahu to end the building freeze in Yehuda and Shomron immediately. Please repost and invite friends to join the Friends of Jewish communities in Shomron FB group. Details will be posted on the group board for locations of events. These demonstrations will be held simultaneously throughout Israel.

BTW - we are at 999 group members right now, next one to sign up will be #1000.

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