Friday, December 25, 2009

From Women in Green: Rebuilding Netzer - Chanuka Chizuk Movie - Gives you the feeling as if you had been there yourself....


From Women in Green:

Sharon Katz, Editor of Voices magazine, wrote an op-ed about our
building activity in Netzer last week and edited a short movie which
will give you the feeling as if you had been there yourself.

The movie can be seen by clicking on:
For the article:

Thursday, December 17, 2009
Netzer Again and Again and Again

Eight times the outpost of Netzer has been destroyed. Nine times it
has been rebuilt. This afternoon was one of its rebuildings.

Netzer was created to bring Jewish continuity from Alon Shvut to
Elazar, the Biblical Heartland of Israel, the center of Gush Etzion.
It stands on a hilltop only a few hundred meters from Alon Shvut's
Givat HaChish and from the top of Netzer, you can see Elazar's
beautiful Jerusalem-stone homes.

Netzer became a symbol long ago of the Jewish determination to build
the land. Its outpost stood for many different lengths of time, only
to be destroyed , but then rebuilt again with even greater

Gush Etzion was well-represented on Netzer today. Dozens of Jews of
all ages gathered there to show their steadfast attitude that Gush
Etzion and all of Yesha must be strengthened, and this would be
achieved through continued construction, construction, construction.

It was cold and windy on the hilltop, but there was no freeze. Three
generations of pioneers carried small and large stones to build the
walls of a stone house on the remnants of a house that stood once
before. Teenagers sawed and hammered to build the skeleton of a wood
and aluminum house, as well.
The building was done to lively accordion music, as the accordionist
walked from worker to worker, cheering him on with his tunes.

After hearing a shiur (lesson) by Alon Shvut's Rabbi Gidon Perl, the
visitors lit an improvised Chanukiah (menorah) on the side of the
mountain. Its flames were visible all the way from Efrat.

While this building event was partially symbolic, there is actually a
movement underway to create a "Build the Land of Israel Fund." This
Fund will finance Jewish builders in the construction of a 48 sq meter
home at the cost of 100,000 NIS (completed within five days) or the
construction of a 70 sq meter home at a cost of 200,000 NIS (within
two weeks).

This will enable young couples to move to Israel's hilltops at very
reasonable susidized costs. The couples will not pay for the
construction, but will pay rent to the Fund, which will then subsidize
other housing.
If the houses are destroyed, G-d forbid, the Fund will finance new
homes. Continued new homes throughout Judea and Samaria will thaw the
freeze, and continue the warmth of building and growing.

There are already ten young families on a waiting list for the hamlets
of Aish Kodesh, Sussia and Negohot. With the help of the "Build the
Land of Israel Fund", founded by Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katzover, the
families will be able to expand on the hilltops with REAL houses.

The people of Judea and Samaria want to continue building. This Fund
will make it even more possible.
If the Fund is not able to collect the monies that it believes is
possible, then chas v'shalom, the only building in the next nine
months and beyond, will be the symbolic stone and wood structure a la

For more information about the "Build the Land of Israel Fund,"
readers can contact Nadia Matar, 050-5500834
or Yehudit Katzover 050-7161818.
The photos in this blog were provided by Israel Katz.
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