Monday, December 14, 2009

A personal tefillah of mine for Har Habayit


 Dear List, amv"sh

Here is the perfect opportunity to make a direct connection to Har Habayit.  This is my own personal teffilah that I sent in.

Wishing you a Happy Chanukah.

Please go to and send your personal tefillah!


A tefillah that all the impurities and Avodah Zara in my house be removed entirely and may we, myself, my husband and my children serve Hashem w/o the anti Torah negative influences of the Greeks and the Romans. May Hashem help us so that it is done in a manner that is not forced upon anyone but rather because of a desire and yearning to serve Hashem in holiness as symbolized by Chanukah.

Yakov Menachem Mendel ben Henya (Helen)
FaigeRayzel Tzipporah Cheftzibah bas Sheindel
Pinchus Dovid Yeshayahu ben FaigeRayzel Tzipporah Cheftzibah
Chaya Tikvah Chana Orah bas FaigeRayzel Tzipporah Chetzibah
Moshe Mordechai Shmuel Shlomo Yitzchok ben Faige Rayzel Tzipporah Cheftzibah
Sarah Leah Tova Emunah ShlomTzion Shulamis bas FaigeRayzel Tzipporah Cheftzibah

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