Friday, December 25, 2009

Another letter to Rabbanei Hesder Yeshivot - Response to Construction Freeze - a stronger "anti freeze' action plan


To the Rabbanei Hesder amv"sh

Of course I can't tell you what to say. You are learned and great Torah Scholars.  I can only tell you what I would like to hear you say or what I believe is moral  legitimate and justified, upholding Torah and ultimately will bring peace among brothers.

Given the leaked plan of the IDF and the State of Israel to implement expulsion from Judea and Samaria in a manner that treats the residents of Judea and Samaria as the enemy:

Given the fact that Israel is planning on establishing a Palestinian State, hostile to the entire Land of Israel thereby endangering Jews in Israel and worldwide

Given the fact that Israel is planning on expelling Jews from their homeland, stealing their property and their source of income, thereby raising havoc with the community and the family structure...and violating many Biblical and Rabbinic commandments in the process...

I feel that there is justification to make the following declaration.

We stand as one together with our colleague Rabbi Melamed and the Yeshiva at Har Bracha in teaching and instructing with our students, soldiers of the IDF not to participate in evicting Jews from their homes. We are Har Bracha....(as Rav Waldman declared..). We oppose the establishment of a Palestinian State and the expulsion of Jews from our Biblical Homeland.

We oppose releasing terrorists in a prison exchange. We support operations like Entebbe.

* We hereby declare Judea and Samaria as an autonomous entity, named for our purposes the Yesha Authority, separate and distinct from the existing State of Israel but still brothers and sisters under the same family whose roots stem from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob also known as Bnei Yisroel.

The Yesha Authority will exercise its rights to self defense against Kassam and Yassam. It will be governed by Torah Law with a Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches of government based on Torath Yisroel and will have an active set of Shoftim, Dayanimin and  militia as well.  It will not act aggressively against their brothers of sisters in the State of Israel unless acting in self defense and in protection or defending our entitlement to live and settle on the Land within the Biblical boundaries.

There is no question that we are better neighbors than a Palestinian Authority and will not be aggressive against our brothers and sisters unless provoked.  We would insist that nonJews within our Land accept the Noahide laws and accept Jewish Sovereignty. Otherwise they are free to leave to the 22 surrounding Muslim countries.  Acts of aggression against Jews will not be tolerated and will invoke harsh backlash in order to prevent further incidents.

I applaud many parts of the "Anti Freeze' Action Plan recently released by Grassroots organizations in the Yesha such as the call for No Dialogue and the Call for building.  But the part which calls for getting arrested seems to be dejas vous with disastrous results.  Let me remind you how the Yassam responded in Amona to the unprotected youth.  They hit them in their reproductive organs and made antisemitic remarks like we hope that the likes of you don't reproduce.

Please forgive me for reminding you but we must know our opponent and how they have responded in the past against unarmed civilians, namely a bunch of kids.They have imprisoned young girls compromising tzniyut with uncalled for body searches for months at a time for the crime of rejecting their court system.

Showing a willingness to be arrested indicates a willingness to be subservient and aversion to lead.  The State of Israel was established with a flaw.  That flaw is rejection of Torah.  Throughout the years however, the State did much to encourage a rebirth of Torah. That is until the intifada.  At that point the State seemed to undo their years of progress of building.  The Disengagement, the Hitnatkut symbolized destruction rather than growth.

Torah Jews can not operate under this anti Torah umbrella.  The flaw has turned into a crack. The time has come to correct this flaw.

If a Yesha autonomous governing authority is established, residents of the Judean and Samarian communities would pay taxes to the local municipalities and pay for the Judges and Legislature as well as for the services of the communities. Let there be a call among Torah Scholars, Talmudic scholars, academic scholars, political theorists, economists and those that research Hebraic Law (e.g. Selden) for papers addressing  a theoretical  model of a government based on Torah. 

We are talking about a population that respects authority.  However, how will the Rabbanei Hesder Yeshivoth look at their wives and children if Chas Vechalila the IDF comes by to evict them? Won't the women and children's eyes ask why was it forbidden to protest and mobilize the Jewish population to put an end to  these evil decrees rather than meekly agree to be subjected to getting arrested? Frankly, if I was in your shoes, I  wouldn't want my daughter to be arrested and I don't think she should be in the front line.  If they send in armed soldiers then, armed soldiers should be their match and not unarmed youth, women and children.

In my opinion, taking a strong position is justified and would be the only way to deter implementation of a future expulsion chas Vechalila.  All comments are welcome.  A healthy exchange of ideas is the civil way to respond to the looming threat of expulsion and any attempt to stifle a healthy dialogue would be indicative of failure to allow freedom of expression one of the basic Bill of Rights

Sincerely, Robin Ticker.


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