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Until Malcolm Hoenlein publicly talks of the Biblical rights of the Land and denounces Oslo and Annapolis why do we give him a public forum?


Years ago I heard Malcolm Hoenlein say that Oslo was a done deal and that the government of Israel is committed to abide by its agreements.  Sounds very responsible. After all the Jewish People must show that we keep our word.

I thought at that time, "What about G-d's Covenant with Avrohom, Yitzchok and Yaakov?  Isn't that a done deal?  How can we renege on our eternal commitment  to G-d's Covenant?".  Our commitment to Oslo is an annulment and direct negation of "Lezaracha Etain Es Haaretz", To Your Children the seed of Avrohom Yitzchok and Yaakov", will I give this Land.

I have heard Malcolm Hoenlein speak eloquently to standing room only audiences, mesmerizing the audience. He is a first class speaker.  He is the world "expert" on antisemitism.  He keeps track of the growth of antisemitism all over the world and he himself says that he is unable to sleep at night.  He is on first name basis with Presidents and  world leaders such as Bush and Putin

Yet his activism has been to promote the Roadmap and Annapolis and the concept of a two State Solution which has been a direct and major  factor in the INCREASE of antisemitism, .instability and rise of terrorism worldwide.  He calmed our fears at Annapolis by saying that nothing of substance was agreed upon.  How can he now explain the freeze and stagnation of Jewish building in Judea and  Samaria? Illegal  Arab building is happening at an alarming rate due to USAID and other monies flowing from European Union and Saudi Arabia.  No new Jewish kindergardens and overcrowding due to no new housing permits inhibiting growth.  Is this nothing of substance? What about removing security checkpoints as a confidence building gestures in promoting peace? Is this nothing of substance to those living in Judea and Samaria under the threat of unsafe roads?

Malcolm Hoenlein does not use Torah to claim our Land and has effectively neutralized all activism against a Palestinian State.  He talks of reciprocity and of the Arabs failure to keep their part of the bargain.  Sounds good? He does not speak out against a Palestinian STate but rather of the need to monitor Palistinian activity in order to ensure that they show reciprocity.  Many others, including PRime Minister Netanyahu err in this regard as well.

This approach works against us.  It implies that had we had a working peace partner then we would have a legitimate reason to give the Arabs parts of Eretz Yisroel. 

Malcolm Hoenlein says that Jews do not stoop to the levels of racism and acts of terrorism shown by the Arabs. We on the other hand, not like them,  work for peace and desire to raise the standard of living of the Palestinians. He speaks of our higher moral standard and to be the shining light among Nations..

This is a very lofty goal and indeed the Jewish Nation wishes to improve peace and prosperity of humanity.  But agreeing to give away our precious Land is doing the very opposite of what he wishes to accomplish.  It's like giving away the violin to someone that hates music in order to produce the most beautiful music.  Then we blame the new prospective owners of the violin of bashing the violin.  We put the blame on them and don't take any responsibility  for their actions, since we lack the understanding that it was our own unwillingness to hold on and protect our precious violin that gave rise to the unfortunate predicament that we found ourselves in. 

We foolishly tell the new owners that we are good sharers and they should learn from our example. They should learn from our higher moral standard and share the violin with us and we will show them how to play.  We are so self absorbed in our benevolence that we are blinded to the fact that they hate music and have no desire to produce music, have no  talent for music and merely wish  to destroy the violin. 

Why did we stupidly offer them the violin? just because they demanded it and threatened us with Kassam and suicide terror attacks if they did not get what they wanted.

The Land of Israel is G-d's precious gift to Israel alone.  There is no middle ground when it comes to the Land of Israel. The Land will not produce for any other people.

The story of Korach, this weeks Parsha in the Diaspora,  proves that when those claim that which is not legitimately theirs, are destined to suffer the consequences.  Korach and his congregation were Leviim, yet they wanted the Priesthood.  They desired the service of Aharon HaCohen, a service that was of a higher caliber  but not divinely designated for them. They coveted that which was not rightfully theirs.  They had their own respectable job to do.  But it wasn't good enough for them.  They wanted a job that was meant for someone else.   Their punishment was severe and a plague erupted.  Clearly, it was not to their benefit to do the Priestly Service.  Only Aharon Hacoehen had the moral character to wear the Choshen on his chest, with the names of all the Tribes on his heart always praying for their well being.  That is precisely why he was Divinely chosen for the job.  He was totally devoted in his love of his fellow Jew and his concern for them and through his  Priestly service was able to atone for their sins.

The Nation of Israel is the Mamlechet Kohanim, a Nation of Priests and a Goy Kadosh, a holy nation whose actualization is to be the Priests of the Nations of the world.  Our desire and yearning is for the betterment of mankind.  However, in order to accomplish our job we must safeguard our rights to the Land just like the priests had guard duty for their priestly  boundaries  and priestly service and the Levites for theirs.

If the Palestinians were given Judea and Samaria it would not be to their benefit.  The Torah clearly says that the Land does not produce for any other people other than the people of Israel.  The Land vomits out those who can not live up to the high levels of sanctity required in the Holy Land.

Malocolm Hoenlein is a gifted speaker.  He speaks of activism.  When heads of Nations gathered to speak of a Palestinian State he told us to be activists for a United Jerusalem neutralizing any activism against a Palestinian State. Then, when they spoke of Dividing Jerusalem he stopped his activism for a United Jerusalem. Instead he told us to speak against the desecrations of the Temple Mount.  Then when the Government of Israel willingly turned a blind eye to the excavations and desecrations on Temple Mount he stopped  speaking of  activism against the desecrations on Temple Mount and  told us to be activists to place greater security in our places of worship and to give charity to those institutions hit by hard economic  times.  Effectively, his activism stopped the activism that was necessary to fight the evil decrees at the time by directing it elsewhere. 

Why does the Gershon Jacobson,  Nachum Segal, Young Israel, Hamodia, Yated and other Jewish Media  give him a public forum?

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