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HISTORY LESSON FOR PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA by Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator

Dear President Obama,

Your speeches in Cairo and in Buchenwald were like the proverbial onion which must be peeled back layer-by-layer to get to the truth of the matter.

Your comparison of the 6 million dead Jews at the hands of Adolph Hitler and the Europeans with the suffering of the Arabs for 60 years was worth peeling deep into the core.

Since the Holocaust has been so well documented by historians, let us move to the 60 years of pain for the mix of Arabs from the surrounding countries who were NOT called Palestinians until 1964 when Yassir Arafat began to head up the new PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization). The Jews were called Palestinians - pejoratively - until the birth of Israel in 1948 when they were finally proud to be called "Israelis". After the British Palestinian Mandate was voted to be partitioned into a Jewish State and another Arab/Muslim State by the United Nations November 10, 1947, and when Israel declared her independence May 14, 1948, Muslim Arab leaders made blood-curdling pronouncements of how they would kill all the Jews in Israel. The street mobs of Muslims in the 22 Arab States and in the 35 other Muslim countries, marched and met in cafes, their conversations were laced with what each would do with an axe or their bare hands or a sword when he could get his hands on a Jewish man, woman or child.

Their Mullahs (village leaders) encouraged the build-up of rage and joy for the great opportunity to kill and, in doing so, to be killed and thus become a Shahid (martyr for having killed an infidel - non Muslim).

In the military echelons of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, etc. they boasted to each other of how they would "Dance in the blood of the Jews". They spoke of gathering their personal loot from the Jews and the mass rape of Jewish women which they planned as an Arab/Muslim way to dignify their macho testicle-driven blood culture. They knew Jewish women were unusually attractive - not like their own, often fat and ugly women. (We are watching this in Darfur as the Muslim Arabs are raping the black women whom they view as merely sexual beasts.)

During the 1948 War of Independence the Muslim Arab peasantry were told to move out of the way by the command of the Arab armies so the tanks and trucks of seven Arab Muslim armies (helped by the British army) could get through and over-run the Jewish Israelis. The fellaheen (Muslim Arab peasants) were told, not only would they get a bit of land they had worked, which was owned by out-of-state Muslim Arabs but, they could get the houses of the Jews and all the farms, businesses, universities, and schools the Jews had developed.

Above all, they too could have the white Jewish women as their bonus!

One is reminded of Jomo Kenyatta, Chief of the Mau Mau, who virtually promised the same rewards to his Mau Mau killers. They could have the land and the farms of the white settlers and also their white wives and daughters. Strangely, much of that came true as the black leader, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe did, indeed, take the land of white farmers - which he turned into trash. Zimbabwe is now a failed nation, plagued with cholera, HIV, Aids, among other diseases, as well as famine, while Mugabe lives in opulent splendor.

As for the poor, pained Muslim Arab Palestinians in 1948, they either left, awaiting the glorious victory or they joined in the fighting. Their intentions were to have a "glorious" victory, equal to the army of the Muslim Kurd Saladin in the 12th century. But, that victory eluded the 7 Muslim Arab armies attacking Israel on all fronts in 1948. They wanted desperately to massacre the Jews but ended up running from the field of battle, even leaving their boots in the dirt so they could run faster.

The orgy of anticipated slaughter turned out to be an embarrassing defeat for the Muslims who had 7 well-armed Armies. The Arab Muslims called their defeat their "Nakba" (catastrophe) - all of which they brought upon themselves.

Keep in mind that the Jewish army in 1948 was only a rag-tag army, made up of raw, untrained recruits, some of them just off the boats from Europe's concentration camps, who had never even fired a rifle. Their training might have been to fire 3 bullets from World War I and II scrap piles of weapons. When the British left their Palestinian Mandate, they abandoned their Taggart Forts, field artillery, rifles and handed them over to the Arab Muslims. Although they had contempt for the Arabs, calling them "Wogs", they hated the Jews even more.

The pain of those who came to be known as the Palestinians which you spoke about for over 60 years, Mr. President, was the pain they brought upon themselves. After seven later lost wars wherein they gambled away the land, it was always their intention to re-arm their forces and slaughter the Jews in Israel in another Holocaust.

In between the actual wars, they pursued continual Terrorism against Jewish men, women and children in Israel and around the world. As a macho, testicle-driven society, they could not bear to surrender, make peace, enjoy life which the Israeli Jews made good for them in the land they shared West of the Jordan River. Anything short of "dancing in the blood of the Jews" was inadequate because they, as all loyal Muslims, must obey the Koran and Mohammed's teaching of making false peace agreements ("Hudna" or temporary peace agreements) and then coming back to slaughter those who believed his tricks.

The day after Yassir Arafat signed the Oslo Accords at the White House in 1993, he said in Arabic that they were like the Hudabiya Treaty which Mohammed made with the Jewish Banu Qurayza Tribe in Medina. Mohammed agreed to peace for 10 years in order to enter and pray in Medina. But, after 2 years when he was stronger militarily, he came back in 627 CE, slaughtered all 600-750 Jewish men, selling all the women and children into slavery, thus bringing an end to Jewish life in Medina.

Clearly, the radical Arab Islamists are a low, murderous and suicidal people who live by conquering others and then feeding off the work of others like parasites. They have envied what the Jews have produced in a relatively few years and simply want it now for themselves..

Mr. President, you are a Christian who was born a Muslim. You wish to give the Muslims what they could not win on the battlefield. They also wish to recover their lost manhood, having been beaten repeatedly by a Jewish adversary whom they hold in deep contempt.

Since you, Mr. Obama, are an educated man and since you have enough court Jews in your employ, you should be aware that your Palestinians are the same cultural savages who make up your Islamic religious and cultural heritage.

We as Jews, having experienced centuries of deadly experience at the hands of Muslims in the Middle East and Christians in Europe, can smell the stench of Jew hatred once again fouling the air of Planet Earth.

Our Jewish antennae (of at least some of us) are not fooled by your charismatic ways and the spoiled honey that coats your promises. You have gathered about you "Poison Dwarfs" who sit on your shoulder, whispering advice on how to have the Muslims over-run Israel. You think your Islamists will give America peace IF you betray the Jews of Israel but, you will be wrong - dangerously.

Hopefully, you will be only a one term President IF for nothing more than what you are doing in ravaging the American economy. You are, indeed, a fool for confronting the G-d of Israel and His messengers.

Moreover, your hostility to the Jewish State masked by friendly words shames America and Americans. You are telling all nations that you cannot be trusted. Strangely, you are acting like a clone of Mohammed who taught Muslims that you could cheat with false promises and then, as approved in the Koran, then break all agreements.

All Presidents and Congressional members before you, expressed their unending commitment to the Jewish State of Israel. You have broken this continuous commitment and made an indelible impression on history as an enemy of the Jewish State, in deference to your Islamic upbringing.

No nation (including America) can trust you and your gang of hateful advisors. Now, it's just a matter of how much damage you are going to do to America and Israel before you leave office in disgrace.


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