Wednesday, June 24, 2009

United We Serve for Yesha! Volunteer 4 Yesha!


Dear Friends, amv"sh

I liked the President's new initiative United We Serve, a new initiative to encourage Volunteerism. 

However, since the President is working hard to destroy and prevent settlement of Yesha we must pool our activism and find the time to Volunteer for Yesha for the good of America and Israel!

There are so many projects I would like to do... like sell and market Hilltop Kippot, sports kippot for the athletic youngster and a stay on kippa for when there is no more hair for the bobby pin for balding men. Attractive hats for ladies, girls and dolls, all handmade by Rachel Hacohen a true pioneer of GIvat Gal. I would like to do fundraising for the Ulpana of Kiryat ARba or raise money via second hand thrift shops or consignment stores for Neveh Avraham, a special education facility that was spearheaded by Chaviva Tzachor that is second to none.  I still have a dream for a Yesha Newspaper that is distributed worldwide representing news and advertising  of the Yesha communities.But it takes time and effort and volunteers!

Volunteering is a great way for singles to meet and network marketable skills by demonstrating professional aptitude ane expertise.

If you are interested in any of these very worthy projects, please let me know.  Kol Tuv and Tizku LeMitzvoth..
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