Monday, June 15, 2009

Fwd: AFSI PRESS RELEASE: Netanyahu Caves In


Kudo's for Afsi for once again taking a courageous stand!

 Let there be an avalanche of Press Releases that denounce Netanyahu's willingness to agree in principle to a Palestinian State. Netanyahu, by agreeing in principle to a Palestinian State under certain conditions, disregarded G-d's Covenant with the people of Israel and the Torah.

Words do make a difference!  Even if Netanyahu knows that the Arab world would never agree to his conditions and merely used this as a ploy to get America off Israel's back, it is a chillul Hashem.  We must publicly put our faith in Hashem and not in the power of America or Obama for our security.

Why didn't Netanyahu talk about Shemittah and explain to the world that we are obligated, as caretakers of this Holy Land to keep commandments in order to infuse the world with Holiness. and bring peace and prospereity.

No peaceful Palestinian State has this agenda. 

Unfortunately, neither does Netanyahu or else he would never have agreed to a Palestinian STate under any conditions. This, my dear friends is the true root of our problem!

In addition, we are not doing the Palestinians a favor either by giving them a State.  The Torah promises to us that the Land does not produce for anyone else but the Jewish people.  If we really cared about making the lives of the Palestinians better, we would assert our rights to the Land. They know and we know that they are much better off that way.

Once again the Arabs do what we should have done and put in a no confidence vote in this Prime Minister who lacks knowledge and has not internalized our sacred and exclusive relationship of  the Jewish People with the Land of Israel based on the Torah  for the betterment of mankind.

Netanyahu has no right to give away that which does not belong to him.

Any agreement is therefore null and void. 

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PRESS RELEASE: Netanyahu Caves In

New York City

June 15, 2009



In the first major policy speech of his administration, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu caved to Barack Obama's key demand that the Palestinian Arabs be given a state in the heart of Israel's historic homeland.  


"The only winner from this speech was Barack Obama. It's Obama: 1 Jews: 0," said Herbert Zweibon. "Obama couldn't care less about a few settlements here or there. He wanted Netanyahu to accept the principle of a two-state solution. Netanyahu collapsed in the face of American pressure. He allowed himself to be outmaneuvered."


Netanyahu, who began reasonably enough, systematically laying out the case for why there should not be a Palestinian state – including the point that Arab hatred of Israel preceded Israel's presence in Judea and Samaria –then reversed course at the end and endorsed a two-state solution.  


"The White House calls Netanyahu's speech an 'important step forward,'" said Herbert Zweibon, Chairman of Americans for A Safe Israel. "In fact, it's a dramatic step backwards as Netanyahu edges the Jewish People toward the cliff."


In an attempt to mollify Israelis, who have the seen the painful results of Israel's 2005 withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, in which thousands of their fellow citizens were dragged from their homes only to be replaced by a Hamas-run terror enclave, Netanyahu insisted in his speech that a Palestinian State be demilitarized.


Setting aside the fact that there are thousands of assault rifles already in the hands of Fatah, many Israeli-approved, it is simply not possible to prevent a Palestinian entity, once it has been granted sovereignty, from emerging as a military threat, AFSI notes.   


"Every time Israel evacuates a piece of territory it turns into a launching pad," Zweibon said. "During the Lebanon War alone, some half a million Israelis were displaced by missiles. On the outskirts of Gaza, Israelis fear for their lives. Those areas were supposed to be demilitarized and subject to international monitoring, too. What makes Netanyahu think this time will be any different?"


The Arab reaction to Netanyahu's speech was noteworthy, Zweibon says. It was one of uniform hostility, despite Netanyahu's sudden willingness to accept a two-state solution. A spokesman for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Netanyahu's speech "torpedoes all peace initiatives in the region" simply because Netanyahu asked Arabs to recognize Israel's Jewish character.  


"What this proves, as if it needed to be proved yet again, is that what the Arabs find distasteful about the Jewish State is that it exists at all," Zweibon said.





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