Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Urgent Action Alert! - PMW - Hamas and Fatah the same - Stop the "Peace" process and millions of $'s to PA


Re: Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) Report

PMW monitors what comes out of the Palestinian media. It is crystal clear from their reporting that there is no significant difference between what Hamas teaches their children and what Fatah teaches their children. 

Besides working to stop funding to the PA, let's stop promoting the "Peace Process". 

Let us begin in our shuls and our very own Jewish Media and our very own Malcolm Hoenlein. .

Malcolm Hoenlein is a very well respected Jewish Politician.  The Yated and Hamodia promote Malcolm Hoenlein as does Nachum Segal.  There is standing room only in religious shuls when he speaks and the audience is mesmerized.  Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky values Malcolm Hoenein's opinion on foreign affairs.

Yet Malcolm Hoenlein, in spite of all his knowledge regarding antisemitism has supported Oslo and Annapolis and was an active member of the negotiating team in Annapolis.  He is actively engaged in negotiating and promoting the Peace Process and the organizations with whom he has close affiliation endorse the establishment of a PALESTINIAN STATE!  

Is it any wonder that the Yated and Hamodia did not take the side of the settlers when the Federman family were beaten and thrown out of their home in the middle of the night.  Is it any wonder that the Orthodox and Chareidi newspapers did not shout with outrage at the destruction of the Federman and Tor homes or  when Elisheva Federman was arrested a week later and dehumanized  when they took DNA samples from her for alleging kicking the police officer that perpetrated this immoral and illegal military operation against her family. 

Let us be a Jewish Media Watch and find out why the Jewish Press did not find the Federman story newsworthy (old news is not the same) and what kind of news coverage was reported by the Yated and Hamodia. 

Then ask Malcolm Hoenlein how come he considers Oslo binding (what about Bris Bein Habesarim - G-d's Covenant with Abraham) and why was he at Annapolis? If he clearly believes as a right wing Torah Believing Jew, what business does he have representing the Conference of Presidents whose very influential members are leftists who endorse the Peace Process and a Palestinian State. He is getting bashed by the left for not being enough of a leftist and by us for representing the left. 

Our suggestion to him is to quit his job and get off the fence and  stay true to his personal convictions.

The bottom line dear Jews is as follows:

As Orthodox Jews, readers of the Torah, how can we disregard G-ds Covenant with Israel?

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Subject: URGENT: Please Take a Moment to Fight Anti-Israel Terror

This email contains an action alert regarding an extremely critical situation, the crux of which may be understood in the following two sentences: "THE WORLD was incensed when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced his vision of a world without Israel, and there were calls to put him on trial. Yet when Abbas's TV teaches Palestinian children the identical vision of a world without Israel, Western countries run for their checkbooks to keep funding him." (An excerpt from the linked article, "Why is West funding Abbas' hate TV?" by Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch -



Please take this simple action:


1.)   Open a second email window


2.)   Copy and paste the following email addresses to the address line:, 


3.)   Copy and paste the following email address to the Bcc line:


4.)   Copy and paste the following to the Subject line:
Norway: Stop Funding Terror!


5.)   Copy and paste the following to the text area of the email:
Norway's current government, as chair of the committee that co-ordinates international funding, has a moral obligation not only to immediately cease funding the PA hate machine, but to recommend that the entire international donors' group cease funding the Palestinian Authority, and make renewed funding conditional on the rewriting of PA schoolbooks and a change in the PA worldview.


6.)   Then type your name, city and state (if you reside in the U.S.) or name, city & country and send it. 


Please send this to everyone on your email list, and urge them to do the same.


Thank you for your past EFFECTIVE action, and in advance, for this one.



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