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More on: Federman's home destruction Sorry for annoying you with the gritty details.


I know that getting so many emails is very annoying. However, this can be a litmus test for future house demolitions unless we react in a forceful manner.  Elisheva Federman's interview about what happened is posted on the Hebron website.

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Noam Said the damages  are about few hundreds thousand Nis.

It should be published that the high officers of the police and the army cheated their stuff by saying them lies. The soldiers that were commanded to stay around the Federman's home wee told that there is information about an Arab terrorist, and therefore they have to prevent any one to enter the Federman's area. To the policemen they told a story that they are taken to the south and after they moved southward a long way, the officers told them that the target was change beside, the officers collected all the mobile telephone from all the policemen. And then they brought them northward to Fedrman's home.

The troops also began the preparation Saturday in contradiction to the general order that canceling the holyness of Saturday should be done only in a case of a war or danger for life. The result is that the next time soldiers and policemen will not trust  their officesr which mean less power to the security forces.


The policemen broked their frigder, computer, etc. and put them on a truck bringing them to nowhere. They ask him to tell them were to put his furnitures back, but Federman knowing that  they are bandit's and they will lie in the court that is was broken after Fedrman's received them ask to show them where they are to the  appraiser . They refused. And instead they invented a new story, They told him that he should pay for the storing and transportation 20000Nis (about 6000$)…, The real value of transportation and storing is about 2000Nis (about 600$ her in Israel). He refused to this deal, also because he knows tht the loose their value.

When they fulfilled the orders they throw all the holy books on the floor and destroy the house on all what remains there including his Tefilin  and his children Tefilins.

Now the police dedicated about 50 policemen (Which cost about 15000 Nis a day) to keep the place in order to prevent any way of rebuilding the place. The family is their in the cold nights.

Arabs around are doing the same but the police is not even dare to think about destroying their houses,

Big part of the destroyers were nonJews, Druze's and Arabs policemen.

They beat him and the family members for nothing.

About 50000-60000 Nis that Noam has in his home were "Disapears", Two policemen tried to steel his Radiodisk from his car but when they saw that they are watched they runaway.


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Subject: OLMERT ACTIONS OUTRAGEOUS forwarded with comments by Emanuel A. Winston

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OLMERT ACTIONS OUTRAGEOUS forwarded with comments by Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East Analyst & Commentator

As more of this hideous story emerges about the pogrom against the Federman and the Tor families, I am sickened by a government that can only be compared to the regimes of past tyrants. There is nothing normal about the Olmert government that seems in league with foreign interests and in no way represents the citizens of Israel and the Jewish people. In fact, there is every indication that the Government of Kadima has abandoned their role as a Government and has, instead, turned governance over to the Bush-Rice regime for the explicit purpose of completing their vile plan to drive the Jewish citizens of Judea and Samaria.

The Olmert-Kadima Government has accepted orders from a foreign government whose ultimate stated goal is to re-partition the Jewish nation of Israel and turn a large section of the Jewish ancestral homeland, pejoratively called "the territories" or "the West Bank" over to the Muslim Arab Palestinians for their new State.

The Government of Israel has 'de facto' and 'de jure' given up its slim mandate for the right to continue ruling the nation in any capacity. Perhaps there is no precedent for a government to give up or transfer its authority to another nation - except through conquest as in the case when Germany conquered France and turned part of its sovereignty over to the Vichy - to run the government under control of Hitler's Germany. In the case of Israel's present Government, having chosen to turn her sovereignty over to a foreign government (denials notwithstanding) against the will of her people and her Knesset. The Olmert Government has, indeed, given up her authority and transferred it to a foreign power which may meet the criteria of treason.



Now the brave new world order of Israel has added nursing mothers to its list of threats to the safety and continuation of Bolshevik Israel

Shlomo Yrachmiel Elias

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To: do4israel



I just spoke to Marta Ramati, Elisheva's mother a few moments ago. She confirmed that Elisheva is arrested and was not allowed to nurse her baby.

Also a few days ago, Tamar Edelstein interviewed Elisheva Federman for her radio show on Shleimus Haaretz and Elisheva said that they twisted the arm of her baby at the time of the expulsion from her home. I asked Tamar, who also spoke with Marta this morning and called me about it, what the charges were against Elisheva and Tamar said that she thinks it's because Elisheva kicked a police officer when they came in the middle of the night and beat up and arrested her husband and assaulted her and her kids and destroyed their home. ( Whether or not this allegation is true, personally, if it is true, didn't he deserve a kick?)

                            THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!

Marta said that it the opinion of many that it's just a matter of time but they will also evict the residents of Beit Hashalom either forcefully like the Federman's home or use the excuse that it's too dangerous for them and then close it off as a military area.


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