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RCRF Dinner - Sunday, Nov 9th, PLS FWD: Rabbi Algaze Phenomenal speaker for YESHA, tell all SINGLES, MARRIEDS, Yahrzeit of Crystalnacht,


Please forward to your lists.  Hang up the fliers (see attachment)

Dear Friends, amv"sh

This Dinner is always a winner.  But this year it's a necessity.  VeShavu Banim LigVulam! .  YESHA is literally being abandoned by the IDF. Settlers are not defended when attacked and when they respond in self defense are arrested.  This is being done in the name of "Confidence building measures of the Peace Process".  HEBRON is being "protected" by FATAH Soldiers.  Adjacent to Kiryat Arba, the Federman's homes of 9 children ages 1 to 17 and the home of Sinai and Rivka Tor were destroyed, reduced to rubble, between 1:30 and 3:00am. No prior warning.  Their home closed off from family and friends.   They and their kids were physically beaten, thrown out of bed and out of their homes.  They were not alloiwed to take anything with them.  The babies were separated from their Mother cruelly.   Rachel Imeinu is crying...... But Oved Federman 12 years old has the right spirit.  He said "We will rebuild".  (go on Hebron website for heart wrenching videos and news).

There is a delicious, nourishing buffet and Rachel Imeinu cake for desert.  The program is much more than a fancy Dinner.  This is an activist Dinner for YESHA as well and Evelyn will understand if you can not afford to pay full price.  My husband and myself have tried to pay the asking price because we know what a worthy cause this is.  But Evelyn will work with what you have and has attracted many activists to her Dinner knowing that there are more ways to contribute to Kever Rocheland RCRF than just with money. Of course she needs to cover the cost of the Dinner but her expenses do not compare with traditional dinners. This Dinner is a must for all lovers of Eretz Yisroel and Yesha Activists!. Make your reservations and call in your ads! (Please let me know as well if you wish to attend! )

Please forward and post on Singles web sites and tell your single friends.   Od YEshama B'AREI YEHUDA...  If Arei Yehuda, the cities in Judea and the Outskirts of Jerusalem are now being negotiated (given) away then this prophesy typically sung at weddings will take even longer....
Please tell your friends that have grown up children and Senior Citizens.  Please tell your friends that can get a babysitter.  You will get your moneys worth for this evening... food, entertainment, socialization, thought provoking lectures and stimulating thought, activism for Eretz Yisroel and your share in building up a living presence at Kever Rochel.

            The Fourteenth Annual NY Citywide Commemoration of the


MarCheshvan 11, 5769


Manhattan Beach Jewish Center
60 West End Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235
Sunday Evening
November 9, 2008, 6:30 P.M.

Keynote Address:
Rabbinic Leadership Awardee


Author of Israel, The Land of My Possession.

Introduction by Dr. Paul Brody,
Founding Member World Committee for the Land of Israel
Chairman Israel Day Concert in Central Park
Board of Governors of Jerusalem Reclamation Project

Actualist Awardees:
Ms Malka Marmer & Ms Racheli Weiss
to be introduced by Ms. Malky Grunwald
last year's Bas Mitzvah First because they dreamed of having their Bas Mitzvahs at Kever Rachel and actualized their dreams

                        Community Chessed Award

Pavel Vishnevetsky
of the New York Association of Holocaust Survivors
to be introduced by Michael Copeli

Rachel Imeinu Activist Award
In Memory of
yetta geisler, a'h
Presented by Cecelia Margules and Rabbi Solomon Shapiro

Rachel s Children Reclamation Foundation

                                                150 Coleridge Street, Bklyn, NY 11235

                                                718-648-2610 <>

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