Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An open letter to Avrohom Ben Yosef, Mayor of Hebron.


To: Avrohom Ben Yosef, Mayor of Hebron,  amv"sh

cc: Noam Arnon, Dovid Wilder, Simcha Hochbaum, Yossi Baumol

(please forward to Noam Arnon and Simcha Hochbaum since I do not have their emails)

This calls for an open debate since it affects all of our lives and not only Hebron.

The purpose of my letter is  to impress upon the Hebron community for which you are their leaders the importance of being more proactive in the fight for Yesha.  I realize that there is no group doing more than the Hebron community to settle Yesha. The love of EY in Hebron is the role model for each and every Jew. 

Shouldn't that be enough you ask?

Hashem wants that love and activism for EY actualized in every Jew in the rest of the world as well.  This is the way to be mezakeh (bring worthiness to)  Am Yisroel (The Nation of Israel) and to prevent further evil decrees against Am Yisroel . Hebron is in the forefront of the battle.

It is my impression that Am Ysroel haven't a clue of what this battle is all about. Am Yisroel must have a better understanding that this is their battle and join.

What is happening in Yesha is not being reported in a timely fashion or at all and in a negative way.  Yesha is fighting a losing battle unless we call in the reserves.  Prior to the expulsion of  Gush Katif,  the women in Netzarim insisted on no protesters coming into their community since it would destroy their daily routine.  They said, just davan (pray) and send  us money. So they kept a few weeks more of their routine but then what?

If Yesha goes under so does Hebron.   A Palestinian State translates into Yesha's demise. Yesha's demise is Hebron's demise and the demise of Kiryat Arba, Itamar, Elon Moreh, Beit El etc etc.. Therefore we must unite to battle the establishment of a Palestinian State.  If Yesha goes under so does Eretz Yisroel and then so does the haven for all Jews throughout the world.  So every Jew is affected and must be more proactive to join this batttle. 

But worldwide Jewry are clueless that their input and activism is wanted and needed.  They think that donating to particular organizations will suffice in doing their share. And the organizations are competing for these funds.

 We are not talking about competing organizations.  We are talking about our collective survival.  And if there's a hole somewhere we all sink and each hole is a danger to the entire ship.  Every provocation against the settlers of Yesha is another small hole in our ship.  It needs to be addressed. We need to join forces and get the support and backing of  loyal supporters in the Diaspora of each and every organization in Yesha  be it the Hebron Fund, A/F of Hebron Chabad, A/F of Shavei Hebron, A/F of Yeshiva Kiryat Arba, A/F of Beit El etc.... All these databases combined makes a huge force that must then mobilize to reach out to the Jewish community at large throughout the world. I am talking about speaking out  regarding our entitlement to YESHA. and protesting vehemently a Palestinian State in all our correspondance. If this force would reach out to the Chareidi community and the chareidi leadership, we can then bring in a force of hundreds of thousands of caring Jews to join the fight against a Palestinian State. It is doable.

The time has come to reevaluate our priorities.  Your priorities (and correct me if I am wrog) are  particular projects in Hebron which I agree are very important.  Each of the other organizations have their own priorities.

My position is that the priority in Hebron, in Kiryat Arba, in Itamar  in Ariel and in every community or orginization in Yesha should be the fight for the survival of Yesha.  Because if Yesha falls then all Yesha  projects go as well. 

Each person under house arrest and each house destroyed in Yesha is a litmus test in the eyes of the gov't fight against Yesha in order to establish a Palestinian STate.  According to David Bedein they are monitoring our collective response.  When we as a community fail to respond, the gov't is empowered to continue its campaign of deligitimizing Yesha and picking the next guinea pig..  .

Maybe if we would have stopped it when the others guys were  put in administrative detention they wouldn't have hit Beit Hashalom now. Noam Federman, Dahtia Yitchaki, Moattot arim and WIG are out there fighting for this battle as they were for the others in Yesha.  But their collective voices weren't strong enough apparently to stop this trend.  Even if the Hebron Community joins it won't be enough.  We need to get the community at large in the Diaspora and EY to join our battle for Yesha. 

 If the Hebron Fund team temporarily redirects their focus and puts their focus on fighting for Yesha and against a Palestinian State, this fight for Yesha can only serve to raise the stature of the Community of Hebron in the eyes of its Benefactors.  It will also be a role model for the other Yesha organizations. It might even serve as a role model for the right camp political parties such as Moshe Feiglin, Benny Elon, Tsafrir Ronen, Eldad etc to join together under the common denominator of our entitlement for EY., .

 The Hebron Dinner is an opportunity to speak out for Yesha and against the establishment of a State of Palestine.. Money for advertising for this Dinner has already been allocated. Let the advertising speak out for Yesha and against a Palestinian State as well. Money raised helps support the community of Hebron.

I don't feel that there is a choice of priorities in this time. It's Yesha or nothing.   I don't believe that  there will be viable  projects in Hebron chas vechalila  unless the Community of Hebron united with others seriously takes on the battle and  a PR campaign as per our entitlement of the entire Land of Israel including Yesha. 

Sincerely, Robin Ticker

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