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Temple Mount exclusive broadcast rights to Fatah-Hamas. For Zion's sake, I will.

Dear Coordinating Council for Jerusalem  amv"sh
Is CCJER ( Coordinating Council of Jerusalem) going to join with New Jewish Congress, the Temple Mount movements and The Sanhedrin and speak out forcefully against this terrible provocation at Har Habayis.  "For Zion's sake, I will not be Silent and for Jerusalem's sake I will not be still...Isaiah 62:1)  
You've spoken out before.  Please do so again.  This Coordinating Council has united for Jerusalem's sake.  Now is the Time to raise your voices before it is too late.  This past Thanksgiving, at the Agudah Convention in Stamford Connecticut, on Motzei Shabbos,  the theme was an Undivided Jerusalem.  Rav Perlow, the Noveminsker, the Rosh Agudath Yisroel spoke.  He said that he actually took a plane recently to Eretz Yisroel for the sole purpose of speaking to Rav  Eliashiv and Rav Shteinman regarding this matter.  Rav Eliashiv said clearly that he is against giving away parts of Yerushalyim. Rav Shteinman also agreed.  Rav Eliashiv told Rav Perlow that he can say so publicly in his name and with full strength (Bechol Hatokef).  Rav Eliashiv said "Will we have to ask permission of the Yishmaelim to daven at the Kosel?"  Rav Perlow asked the audience regarding the Gov't of Israel "Can we trust them with Security???" The Mayor of Jerusalem, the Honorable Uri Lupiansky then spoke.  He told the audience that we in America have great influence.  He asked us not to wait until it gets too late to speak up. He reminded us what happened when there was a riot at on Har Habayit.  They started throwing stones at the Kotel square. He said it was a miracle that no one was killed.  He said that the enemy is within.  They are the forces that wish to divide us like a piece of Salami, piece by piece and hand us to our enemies.
Israel Gov't, Police Stand by as Hamas Broadcasts from Temple Mt

11 Tevet 5768, 20 December 07 09:12
by Hillel Fendel

(<> More Olmert-Fatah-Hamas
collusion: Hamas has been given exclusive radio broadcast rights from
the Temple Mount this week - while Jews mourning the First Temple
siege are banned from the site.

This week is the Moslem holiday Ein ul-Adhaa, marking the Islamic
equivalent of Akeidat Yitzchak (the binding of Isaac by Abraham); the
Koran, written in the late 7th century C.E., substituted Ishmael for

Yesterday, as well, was the Jewish fast day of Asarah B'Tevet,
commemorating the beginning of the siege by Nebuchadnezzar on
Jerusalem over 2,500 years ago that resulted in the destruction of
the First Temple, untold thousands of deaths, and a 70-year-long
Jewish exile from the Holy Land.

"The siege of Nebuchadnezzar is recurring again in our time," said
Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Temple Institute, "this time through the
Israeli government, which is banning Jews and Christians but is
allowing Hamas, who will defile G-d in our holiest place. There is no
greater demonstration of the total spiritual bankruptcy of the
Israeli government."

He told Arutz-7 that if, alternatively, it is not the Israeli
government that is responsible, "then who are we kidding when we say
that Fatah will fight Hamas?  We see clearly that they work together,
and Fatah has just as much of an interest in broadcasting Hamas
incitement to murder Zionists as Hamas does."

"It is unbelievable that [US Secretary of State Condoleeza ] Rice and
[Foreign Minister Tzipi] Livni continue to repeat that a 'strong PA
and Palestinian state to fight terror is in the interest of Israel,'
when we see obviously that Fatah has no desire at all to fight Hamas

An ISDN line regularly broadcasts, over PA radio, the Islamic prayer
services from the Temple Mount. This week, however, it granted the
license to do so to Hamas - complete with Hamas Radio commercials,
station identifications, and incitement against Jews. "Whoever wants
to hear the Temple Mount services this week has to go to HamasRadio,"
says Rabbi Richman.

Rabbi Richman was astounded at the symbolism involved: "Closing the
Temple Mount to Jews all week long, including on our fast day,
because of the Moslem holiday, emphasizes that the government not
only favors Moslem sensibilities over Jewish ones, but also the
Koranic version of our history over that of the Tanach, our Bible."

ily's Aaron Klein reported that Hamas celebrated the "victory" of its
broadcasts: "Our broadcast is a victory for the Al Aqsa Mosque, which
is suffering from Judaization efforts imposed by the Zionist
government," said Rami Kaoud, a manager at Hamas' Al Aqsa Radio.
"Broadcasting daily radio is a way to bring Al Aqsa to the Gaza Strip
and challenge the siege imposed on us by the Zionist entity."

A joint statement by the New Jewish Congress, the Temple Mount
movements and The Sanhedrin states, "Not only is Hamas trying, with
the Palestinian Authority, to destroy the State of Israel and all its
[Jewish] inhabitants, but now the Government of Israel has decided to
give over the Temple Mount, the apple of the Jewish Nation's eye, for
the use of enemy incitement."
Here is a previous statement by CCJER

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Jews demand Olmert halt Temple Mount dig
By Aaron Klein

Posted: September 12, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern
JERUSALEM - A Jewish group representing hundreds of U.S. synagogues says it is "incomprehensible" that Israel is allowing a Muslim dig on the Temple Mount and has demanded Prime Minister Ehud Olmert immediately halt the blasting of a massive trench and allow archaeologists to inspect the site.