Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Clarification. Evangelical Leaders Reiterate Call for Two-State Solution


The last email/post was written in a rush.  I will now explain my concerns in greater detail.
Over 80 educators and ministry heads affirm efforts to negotiate lasting peace, and warn of consequences of failure.
80 Evangelical Christian Leaders have united to make a statement in support of the Peace Process and the formation of a Palestinian State.  They claim to have full authority of the scriptures.   What basis from scriptures supports the formation of a State of Palestine? 
The following is a partial list of references in the Hebrew Scriptures that shows precisely the opposite.
The Almighty explicitly promises the Land of Israel to Abraham Isaac and Jacob and to their seed for an everlasting inheritance. 
Genesis 13:15-18 ; 17:8 (G-d to Avrom - promise of Land to Avraham - new name and reiteration of promise of land)
The Covenant with Abraham is Genesis 15:18-21. (extended boundaries, from the River of Egypt to the Eurphrates River, covers boundaries of 10 nations, including all of Judea and Samaria plus lots more)
The Covenant to Isaac Genesis 26:2-6.
The Covenant of Jacob is in Genesis  28:13-16.

Exodus 6:4,8 (G-d to Moses - reminder of promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob)

Numbers 33:53; 34:13 (G-d to Moses - Biblical Boundaries of the Land of Israel, which includes Judea and Samaria)

Isaiah 11:12; 49:12; 51:11 (Ingathering of exiles; return to Zion)

Amos 9:14,15 (Return from captivity - plant on to the land - never again to be uprooted)

Ezekiel 36:24, 36; 37:21( Gathering from all the lands to your own soil)
These ministers are not quoting Scriptures at all!  They base support of their statement on the following

The Bible clearly teaches that God longs for justice and peace for all people. We believe that the principles about justice taught so powerfully by the Hebrew prophets apply to all nations, including the United States, Israel, and the Palestinians. Therefore we are compelled to work for a fair, negotiated solution for both Israelis and Palestinians. We resolve to work diligently for a secure, enduring peace and a flourishing economy for the democratic State of Israel. We also resolve to work for a viable permanent, democratic Palestinian State with a flourishing economy that offers economic opportunity to all its people. We believe that the way forward is for the Israelis and Palestinians to negotiate a fair, two-state solution.

They base their reasons not on the scriptures but on the fact that the Palestinians are poor and therefore will gravitate to a more radical solution.  That is appeasement.  If a homeless person who is clearly criminal is outside should I offer  him my home, keys and everything because if not he might gravitate to a more radical violent approach?  That's ridiculous!  This homeless person has already shown that he is criminal.  That is why we fear that he may become even more violent. What is the best way to respond to this homeless thief.   I would make sure he leaves the vicinity of my home as fast as possible and do what I must to ensure that he does not come back.   I do what I must to protect my family and the beautiful home of peace and serenity and good and justice that I have worked so hard to create.  Because if I don't protect my home and give him control of my home,  he will see to it that all the good and justice and peace and serenity is destroyed. 
This "mean" approach dear friends is what results in true peace and justice from the Hebrew Scriptures.


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