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Re: Results of Annapolis agreement - Yesha relinquishing weapons

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We are watching the early stages of the abandonment of Judea & Samaria.     The Jews from Gaza would not submit to the Arab terror and would not leave their homes with promises of compensation packages.  Shortly prior to the expulsion the army was instructed to remove all protective weapons belonging to Jewish civilians so that they would feel vulnerably weaker and leave Gush Katif willingly.   They did not leave so willingly so the Israeli govt. were forced to remove them in the end.   This latest development comes as no surprise and so it remains to be seen how many of our North American Jewish organizations will support the Olmert government when a new round of Judenrein begins in the month ahead.    The majority of the North American Jewish organizations agreed with the Sharon government that leaving Gaza was a good move for Israel.   They convinced North American Jewry that once we provide Arabs with full Gaza ownership it would be like it has never been before.   Many of us here in Toronto pleaded with our organizations, not to let it happen but to no avail and now look and see the results.   Well here we are again amputating another limb while Am Yisrael sits on the sidelines and watches helplessly.   Removing protective life saving firearm equipment from the Jews of Judea & Samaria and releasing terrorists is out and out murder and anyone who remains silent is guilty of standing by while his brothers blood.

Judea and Samaria: IDF Rounding Up Jews' Weapons

26 Kislev 5768, 06 December 07 06:38
by Gil Ronen
( The IDF is conducting a large scale operation to confiscate weapons from the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, according to Channel 10 TV. The purpose of the operation is described as "putting the settlers' gun permits in order." The security coordinators of the communities in Samaria have been summoned to a meeting with IDF officers Thursday; community leaders are convinced that the IDF intends to collect many of the weapons in the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.
Hillel Reinus of Yitzhar said: "I have no idea who is giving the order, it seems to be coming from up high, but they've decided to take the weapons away from everybody." Another resident of the community, Igal Amitai, added, "They are abandoning citizens, it is an irresponsibile act, but everything pales compared to reality."
'This amounts to making the settlers fair game'
MK Aryeh Eldad (NU/NRP) wrote a letter to Defense Minister Ehud Barak following the report: "Army representatives have recently informed the military security coordinators that they intend to collect most of the weapons which the residents of Judea and Samaria use for self-defense," he wrote.
"When a move such as this is made along with the release of hundreds of terrorists; the deployment of Palestinian policemen in Shechem (three of whom were involved in the murder of Ido Zoldan) and the arming of these policemen with weapons, ammunition and armored personnel carriers, this amounts to making the settlers fair game and sending the terror organizations a clear message that they may murder Jews," Eldad added.
"When all this is done against the backdrop of your announcement that you are joining the 'expulsion/compensation' plan, this amounts to blackmail. You are trying to encourage Jews to run away from Judea and Samaria and in order to prod them along you are taking away their weapons and urging terrorists to attack them," he wrote.
"With this letter," Eldad concluded, "I wish to inform you that the settlers of Judea and Samaria will hold you personally responsible for any casualties among the Jews in Judea and Samaria from now on, unless you immediately put an end to the process of collecting the settlers' weapons."

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Israel, amv"sh
We must make a statement comparing the situation Yesha finds itself with the 13 colonies.  Taxation w/o representation  but hundreds of times worse.  Yesha has not only the right but the obligation of freedom of religion to defend themselves.  Let us start an open discussion about an independent Yesha Authority!  The struggle of Gush Katif to go unarmed was a proven disaster.  As Churchill so correctly said "If you want peace prepare for war" and we see that Yaakov Avinu acted accordingly as well.  Yesha must prepare to fight any aggression be it Kassam or Yassam.  We must fight this decree tooth and nail and threaten to cede if implemented. There must be a mass refusal by Yesha residents to relinquish their weapons.  There must be a massive outcry of support for the residents of Yesha from the Diaspora as well.  Yesha is not expendable and not suicidal!

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