Sunday, December 30, 2007

fwd: This is not a joke. Please take action!

please everyone, if you can send it to as many people as posible! & please sign it! thanx!

President Bush will be in Jerusalem on January 9th to push his "Palestinian State in '08" proposal forward with East Jerusalem as the capital. This is President's Bush first trip to Israel since becoming president. His goal is to convince the Israeli public that a Palestine State with East Jerusalem as its capital is in their best interest and he has the support of the American people. 21,150 people have signed the urgent petition to the president. Send this to everyone on your list and ask everyone to do the same. We need 100,000 signatures so President Bush knows that we will not support the U.S. dividing Jerusalem. He has mobilized virtually the entire world behind this plan. If everyone will just get four friends to sign this we will have the 100,000.

If you have friends that don't have access to the internet, please print a copy and have them sign it and mail it in.

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